After they died, the main characters created a shared realm within which to find each other. They initially forgot post-crash events and imagined new situations for themselves, but they gradually awoke to their previous lives. Mild deja vu, pain, unconsciousness and brushes with death sparked initial memories. Eventually, each character awoke fully after interacting with something specific, often a loved one.

Initial memories编辑

Picture Character Episode Trigger Memories
Jack "第6季 第1集" Déjà vu Vague memories of Desmond
Charlie "第6季 第1集" Unconsciousness/near-death Image of Claire
Kate "第6季 第3集" Déjà vu Vague memories of Jack
Claire "第6季 第3集" Pain, déjà vu Aaron's name
Desmond "" Pain, déjà vu Charlie's death and final message
Desmond "" Electromagnetism Charlie's death, meeting Penny, kissing her on the Searcher, Charlie Hume's birth
Daniel "" Déjà vu Feelings for Charlotte, equations in his notebook
Sun "" Unconsciousness, seeing Locke next to her on a gurney The Man in Black's depiction of Locke
John "" Unconsciousness Pushing the button, his suicide note
Ben "" Pain caused by Desmond Pain caused by following his attempt at murdering Penny
Jack "" Déjà vu Looking down the Hatch with Locke
Jack "" Touched by Kate Emotional events with Kate

Full recollections编辑

Picture Name Episode Trigger Shown Memories
Boone N/A Unknown None
Rose N/A Unknown None
Bernard N/A Unknown None
Eloise N/A Unknown None
Desmond "" Physical contact with Penny None
Penny N/A Unknown None
Libby N/A Hurley None
Hurley "" Libby Moments of Hugo and Libby's relationship
Ben N/A Unknown None
Sayid "" Physical contact with Shannon Moments of Sayid and Shannon's relationship
Shannon "" Physical contact with Sayid Moments of Shannon and Sayid's relationship
Sun "" Ji-Yeon's sonogram Moments of Sun and Jin's relationship
Jin "" Ji-Yeon's sonogram Moments of Jin and Sun's relationship
Claire "" Giving birth to Aaron Aaron's birth
Kate "" Delivering Aaron Aaron's birth
Charlie "" Physical contact with Claire Moments of Charlie and Claire's relationship
Locke "" Moving his feet post-surgery Significant moments and connection with the Island
Sawyer "" Physical contact with Juliet Moments of Sawyer and Juliet's relationship
Juliet "" Physical contact Sawyer Moments of Juliet and Sawyer's relationship
Jack "" Physical contact with Christian's coffin Significant moments on the Island, moments of Jack and Kate's relationship


  • Of the people in the church, only Rose, Bernard, Penny, Libby, and Boone do not have their awakenings shown on-screen.
  • Only Locke is seen awakening without coming into contact with a person or object.
  • Ben and Desmond are the only characters seen to have brief flashes while not having their full awakenings shown on-screen.
  • Only Jack is seen coming into contact with two sources that induce flashes, namely Kate and Christian's coffin.
  • While many of the characters awaken through physical contact with a loved one, several characters are seen touching people they loved during their lives without awakening. For instance, Locke kissed Helen Norwood, Faraday and Charlotte shook each others hand, and Sayid came into contact with Nadia.

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