JackKate 发现补给. 第2季 第17集 


生还者 想多空降补给. 第2季 第18集 

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The periodic resupply drop (P.R.D.) was a large pallet of DHARMA food and supplies that was found on the Island. Template:Crossref The drop was noticed by Kate and Jack, close to the path to the Swan, at night. None of the survivors recalled hearing a plane fly over to commence the drop, although it had a parachute and flashing beacon attached. The lockdown incident had occurred earlier that day, and Charlie speculated the two events could have been related.

The supply drop contained at least one packet of DHARMA Initiative Macaroni & Cheese Supper, peanut butter, ranch dressing, and other assorted food items. All the items in the supply drop bear the code DI 9FFTR731 and are branded with the Swan logo. Template:Crossref Template:Crossref Charlie said he found the vaccine kit from the supply drop pallet when he gave it to Claire a few days later. Template:Crossref

The supply drop was scavenged by a large group of castaways including Sawyer, Charlie, Jin, Sun, and Kate. Charlie suggested that Hurley be in charge of distributing the items. Hurley refused and later chased his imaginary friend away from the drop. The items were not distributed in any organized manner; it was every castaway for themselves. Sawyer appeared to get the bulk of the items and later commented that he had "enough stuff now to open a convenience store". Template:Crossref

Much of the food was transferred to and kept in an outdoor kitchen maintained by Rose. Template:Crossref Paulo once complained that the kitchen was out of DHARMA Oat Bars. Template:Crossref

The Flame computer was revealed to be able to initiate drops by entering "24". Sayid found, among many other DHARMA documents, a binder labeled "supply drop protocol" in the station as well. Template:Crossref

Ben noted in his diary that they were short on provisions and their long awaited resupply of camp gear had not yet been made. Template:Crossref

Daniel's payload experiment demonstrated a time delay of objects travelling to the island. Template:Crossref

In The Lost Experience

In the Sri Lanka video, a clip of a helicopter is seen. The helicopter shown appears to be a Sikorsky H-5 Dragonfly, a common American helicopter dating back to the 40s and early 50s. As it is shown, Alvar Hanso states, "...all of the support you will need, including regular medicine and food drops will be made in perpetuity"

Information from the jigsaw puzzles

The backs of the official jigsaw puzzles further explained that the notation "PRD" found on the blast door map stands for "periodic resupply drop". The writing on the blast door map says: "P.R.D. every 6-8 months. Fatalities: 5".

Unanswered questions

  1. 請不要在這裡解釋這些謎題
  2. 提出問題時請不要暗示答案
  • Who is making the resupply drops?
  • Why are there DHARMA branded goods in the resupply drops?
  • How was the supply drop made?
  • Are there supply drops for other stations?
  • Why do the blast doors shut when there is a supply drop?
  • If Ben took the island from DHARMA and/or Whidmore, why would they still ship supplies?

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