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DVD releases included several deleted scenes from Season Four of Lost.

Thinking Ahead

原本出現集數: 第4季 第1集
出現角色: SawyerJuliet
附設碟: 第4季完整系列DVD藍光碟
片長: 0:41
內容概要: Sawyer questions Juliet on what she intends to do once the rescue helicopters arrive. She avoids the question by pointing out that he has blood on his cheek.

Lucky Guess

原本出現集數: 第4季 第3集
出現角色: KateSayidMiles
附設碟: 第4季完整系列DVD藍光碟
片長: {{{length}}}
內容概要: Sayid, Miles and Kate arrive at the sonar fence on the edge of the Barracks. Miles seems to be sensing something. Kate mentions that it can be powered down manually if she could work out how. While Kate and Sayid examine the switch, Miles walks through unharmed, indicating that the fence is switched off. When Kate asks how he knew, Miles replies "lucky guess". The three move on.

I Know Chicken

原本出現集數: 第4季 第4集
出現角色: SawyerHurley
附設碟: 第4季完整系列DVD藍光碟
片長: {{{length}}}
內容概要: Sawyer is sorting through food in his fridge at the Barracks. Hurley disagrees that a piece of chicken is not good to eat. Sawyer asks why Hurley has to live with him, he replies that he doesn't want to live alone. He says he'll leave when Kate shows up, but Sawyer explains she won't show because of the earlier argument they had over Kate's pregnancy worries. Hurley tells Sawyer that she'll forgive him. Sawyer then asks if Hurley is wearing cologne, to which he replies "maybe".

Unpopular Decision

原本出現集數: 第4季 第6集
出現角色: LockeBen
附設碟: 第4季完整系列DVD藍光碟
片長: {{{length}}}
內容概要: Locke is leading Ben out of his cell for a bathroom visit. Ben wonders why he hasn't seen Kate around and Locke informs him that he asked her to leave. Ben remarks that it must have been an unpopular decision, to which Locke replies not as unpopular as letting him go to the bathroom in his cell.

Desert Stash

原本出現集數: 第4季 第9集
出現角色: Ben
附設碟: 第4季完整系列DVD藍光碟
片長: {{{length}}}
內容概要: Ben recovers some supplies that seem to have been hidden by one of his people from a point close to where he woke up in the desert. From the stash, he takes a passport and some foreign currency.

Claire's vision

原本出現集數: 第4季 第9集
出現角色: HurleyClaire
附設碟: 第4季完整系列DVD藍光碟
片長: {{{length}}}
內容概要: Claire is resting in bed while Hurley nurses her. He tells her to try and stay awake. Claire notices something in the room, then asks Hurley why her father is there. When Hurley looks around, no one is in the room. She then asks if they are dead. Hurley jokes that if they are, heaven sucks.


原本出現集數: 第4季 第10集
出現角色: KateJuliet
附設碟: 第4季完整系列DVD藍光碟
片長: {{{length}}}
內容概要: Kate approches Juliet with concern for Jack. Juliet tries to put her worries to rest but insists that something is wrong. She explains that Jack knows what's wrong with him but will only tell Juliet because she's a doctor, and he trusts her.

Church Arrival

原本出現集數: 第4季 第12集
出現角色: KateHurleySayidNadia
附設碟: 第4季完整系列DVD藍光碟
片長: {{{length}}}
內容概要: Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Nadia are outside of the church at Christian's funeral. Nadia says that Aaron looks just like Kate, which gives Hurley an uncomfortable expression. Kate asks about Sun, but Sayid doesn't think they will hear anything from her.

Lost Journal

原本出現集數: 第4季 第14集
出現角色: DanielMiles
附設碟: 第4季完整系列DVD藍光碟
片長: {{{length}}}
內容概要: Daniel frantically looks through his backpack and stops Miles to ask if he has seen his journal. Miles seems to know about it's contents involving DHARMA but doesn't know where it is.