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首次出現: 第1季 第18集
最後出現: Lost後記
總出現集數: 電視劇7集
名稱: 聖羅莎精神病院
類型: 人造建築物
位置: 美國 洛杉磯
建造者: 不明
狀況: 仍然營運

Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute is a mental health treatment facility. It is located just outside Los Angeles, California.


  • Hugo "Hurley" Reyes. Hurley was probably originally admitted for psychosis (relating to seeing Dave) and for being in a "near-catatonic" state after the collapsing deck incident (actual diagnosis unknown). He was released with clonazepam. He returned to the institution after he was rescued from the island, suffering from visions of Charlie which cause him to "freak out."
  • Leonard Simms. He was visited by Hurley and repeats the numbers over and over.
  • Emily Locke. Locke's mother was treated for schizophrenia and was eventually released.
  • Libby. It is unknown if she was admitted or if she was there for another purpose.
  • Marcus
  • Lewis. He appears to be friendly with Hurley. He also may have been able to see Charlie, even though Hurley is convinced that it was a hallucination.




  • The actual filming location took place in two areas: The exterior shot of Hurley/Charlie/The Tree was at Windward Community College, at the Hakipu'u Learning Center, while the interior shot was filmed at the Laniakea YWCA next to 'Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu.

Bloopers and continuity errors编辑

  • In "", a location card states the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute is in "Santa Rosa, CA". This conflicts with the previously established canon which places the facility outside Los Angeles.
    • The newscaster reporting the murder of the man sitting outside the Institute stated "The victim was found shot in his car on the grounds of the Santa Rosa hospital, a private mental health care facility outside Los Angeles". (5x01)
    • Sayid would not have been able to spring Hurley from the Institute if it was located in Santa Rosa, and still make it to the safehouse in LA later that same night. (5x01)
    • Santa Rosa, CA is over 400 miles from the Los Angeles hospital where Jack works. This suggests that Jack visiting Hurley after work and returning home the same evening would be logistically improbable if the Institute was located in Santa Rosa, California instead. (4x10)
    • Hurley's home in Los Angeles is shown to be close enough to the Institute to arrive the same day during the same time of day. (5x02)
    • The institute is shown to be out in the countryside. While Sonoma County, California (the location of Santa Rosa) in real life includes lots of unincorporated countryside and foothills, the city of Santa Rosa, California is a significant metropolitan area.