# 图像 标题 天数 Flashback/Flashforward内容简介
01 Opening 第1季 第1集 "Pilot, Part 1" 1-2 Jack comforts Rose on Oceanic Flight 815 shortly before the crash.
Survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 attend to the injured on the beach of a mysterious island. Jack, Kate and Charlie hike through the jungle to retrieve a transceiver from the cockpit, but are attacked by the "Monster".
02 120px 第1季 第2集 "Pilot, Part 2" 2-3 On the plane, Charlie does heroin in the bathroom and Kate is in the US Marshal's custody.
Sayid repairs the transceiver and picks up a French distress signal that has been playing on loop for 16 years. The group is attacked by a polar bear, and learns that there was a convict on the plane.
03 120px 第1季 第3集 "Tabula Rasa" 3-5 Kate is apprehended by the Marshal in Australia.
Jack learns that Kate is the fugitive. Jack tries to save the Marshal, while Kate gets Sawyer to attempt to euthanize him, and Jack is forced to finish the job. The mysterious John Locke finds Walt's dog Vincent.
04 120px 第1季 第4集 "Walkabout" 6 Locke is a wheelchair-bound cubicle worker.
As the survivors' food supply runs low, Locke leads a boar hunt and also encounters the Monster. Claire and Sayid organize a funeral service.
05 120px 第1季 第5集 "Walkabout" 7 Jack goes to Australia to find his father.
After they fail to save a woman from drowning, Jack goes on a spiritual quest, while Boone tries to prove his worth. Jack sees his father.
06 120px 第1季 第6集 "Walkabout" 8 Sun thinks about starting a new life.
Jin attacks Michael. Jack convinces some survivors to move to the caves, while Sayid thinks they should remain on the beach.
07 120px 第1季 第7集 "Walkabout" 9 Charlie becomes addicted to heroin.
Charlie goes into withdrawal when Locke takes his heroin. Jack becomes trapped in a cave-in. Sayid tries to triangulate the French woman's signal.
08 120px 第1季 第8集 "Walkabout" 10 Sawyer attempts to con Jess.
After Shannon has an asthma attack, Sayid and Jack torture Sawyer into giving them her medicine.
09 120px 第1季 第9集 "Walkabout" 12-13 Sayid must torture Nadia.
Sayid is captured by Danielle Rousseau, the French woman who made the distress call. Hurley builds a golf course to ease the survivors' tensions. Walt grows closer to Locke.
10 120px 第1季 第10集 "Walkabout" 15-16 Claire meets Malkin. She must decide either to keep her baby, or put it up for adoption.
Claire begins to have strange dreams and believes someone is trying to hurt her baby. Hurley takes a census and learns someone wasn't on the flight.
11 120px 第1季 第11集 "Walkabout" 16 Jack reports his father for drinking on the job.
Jack, Kate, Locke and Boone search for Charlie and Claire when they are taken by Ethan. Locke and Boone find a hatch.
12 120px 第1季 第12集 "Walkabout" 21-22 Kate robs a bank.
Sawyer and Kate fight over a Halliburton case. The tide rises, forcing the beach camp to move. Jack tries to learn to trust Kate. Shannon and Sayid bond over Rousseau's maps.
13 120px 第1季 第13集 "Walkabout" 24 Boone goes to Australia to aid Shannon.
When Boone becomes frustrated with Locke's quest to get inside the hatch, Locke ties him up and drugs him.
14 120px 第1季 第14集 "Walkabout" 26-27 Michael and Walt's relationship.
Michael builds a raft to get him and his son rescued. Locke and Michael's rivalry is put on hold when they must save Walt from a polar bear.
15 120px 第1季 第15集 "Walkabout" 27-29 Charlie cons Lucy.
Locke and Boone find Claire in the jungle, suffering from amnesia. Jack, Sayid and Locke devise a way to find and capture Ethan after he kills a survivor.
16 120px 第1季 第16集 "Walkabout" 29-31 Sawyer kills Duckett.
Kate and Sawyer bond while hunting a boar.
17 1X17-JinIsland 第1季 第17集 "Walkabout" 32-34 Jin works for Sun's father in order to marry her.
When the raft catches fire, Michael accuses Jin. In order to save him from being beaten, Sun must reveal to Jin that she speaks English.
18 120px 第1季 第18集 "Walkabout" 35-36 Hurley uses numbers he heard while hospitalized to win the lottery, then believes he is cursed.
Hurley sets out to find Danielle after seeing some peculiar numbers on her notes. Michael and Jin start building another raft.
19 Ep1x19-hatch light 第1季 第19集 "Walkabout" 39-41 Locke meets and is conned by his real father.
Locke and Boone try to open the hatch. They discover a beechcraft after Locke has a vision. Sawyer begins having headaches.
20 120px 第1季 第20集 "Walkabout" 41-42 Jack marries Sarah.
Jack tries to save Boone after his fall from the beechcraft. Claire goes into labor in the jungle. Sayid takes Shannon on a romantic overnight picnic.
N/A 120px Lost: The Journey N/A N/A
Clip show.
21 120px 第1季 第21集 "Walkabout" 42 Sayid infiltrates a terrorist cellgroup.
Locke reappears at Boone's funeral, and Jack and Shannon blame him for his death. Locke takes Sayid to the beechcraft. Shannon tries to kill Locke.
22 120px 第1季 第22集 "Walkabout" 43 Kate visits Tom and Diane.
Sawyer and Kate fight over his seat on the raft. Sawyer reveals Kate's secret after someone poisons Michael.
23 120px 第1季 第23集 "Walkabout" 44 The survivors remember the day of the flight.
Rousseau guides a party to the Black Rock for dynamite to blow open the hatch after she warns "the Others" are coming. The Raft leaves the island with Jin, Sawyer, Michael and Walt aboard.
24 120px 第1季 第24集 "Walkabout" 44 The survivors remember the day of the flight.
Danielle kidnaps Claire's baby in hopes of making a trade with "the Others." Locke blows open the hatch as a possible shelter for the survivors. The raft party makes contact with a not-so-friendly boat crew.


# 图片 标题 天数 Flashback/Flashforward内容简介
N/A 120px Destination Lost N/A N/A
Clip show.
01 120px 第2季 第1集 "Walkabout" 45-46 Jack saving Sarah.
Jack and Locke argue over whether or not to enter the Hatch. While looking for Vincent, Shannon sees Walt.
02 120px 第2季 第2集 "Walkabout" 45-46 Michael before Walt moves away.
The journey into the hatch from another perspective. Michael and Sawyer float in the ocean.
03 120px 第2季 第3集 "Walkabout" 46 Locke meets Helen.
Locke and Jack watch the orientation film. Jin, Michael and Sawyer prisoners.
04 120px 第2季 第4集 "Walkabout" 47 Hurley after he won the lotto.
Hurley tasked with rationing the food. Jin, Michael and Sawyer with the tailies.
05 120px 第2季 第5集 "Walkabout" 48 Jin and Sun meet.
Sun looking for her ring. Michael and Eko search for Walt. The tailies leave for the main camp.
06 120px 第2季 第6集 "Walkabout" 48 Shannon is cut off by Boone's mother after her father's death.
Michael, Jin, Sawyer and the tailies journey towards the camp. Shannon sees Walt and is shot.
07 120px 第2季 第7集 "Walkabout" 1-48 N/A
The story of the tail section survivors since the crash.
08 120px 第2季 第8集 "Walkabout" 48 Ana-Lucia returns to the LAPD.
Ana-Lucia and Sayid talk after Shannon's death.
09 120px 第2季 第9集 "Walkabout" 49 Kate kills Wayne.
Kate watches over Sawyer. Eko has a section of film. Michael receives a message.
N/A Lost revelation Lost: Revelation N/A N/A
Clip show.
10 120px { 50 Eko becomes a Nigerian warlord.
Claire learns of Charlie's heroin problem. Charlie leads Eko to the beechcraft. Michael communicates with Walt via the computer.
11 Ep211 12 360x240 第2季 第11集 "Walkabout" 52-53 Jack's relationship with Sarah ends.
Michael journeys out. Jack, Sawyer and Locke meet Tom. Kate captured by the Others.
12 120px 第2季 第12集 "Walkabout" 54-56 Charlie experiences the breakup of Drive Shaft.
Charlie kidnaps Aaron, believing he must save him.
13 120px 第2季 第13集 "Walkabout" 57 Sawyer cons Cassidy.
Sawyer gains possession of the guns with Charlie's help.
14 120px 第2季 第14集 "Walkabout" 58 Sayid first becomes a torturer.
Rousseau leads Sayid to a stranger she's caught in the jungle; Sayid uses torture to attempt to determine if he is an Other; Hurley and Sawyer search for a tree frog in the jungle.
15 120px 第2季 第15集 "Walkabout" 59 Claire remembers when she was kidnapped by the Others.
Claire, Rousseau, and Kate find the Staff Station in the jungle; Jack and Locke struggle to keep the prisoner a secret.
16 120px 第2季 第16集 "Walkabout" 60-61 Sun deals with Jin's infertility.
Sun discovers she is pregnant; Ana-Lucia is recruited to help interrogate Henry Gale. Ana-Lucia, Charlie, and Sayid journey into the jungle to confirm if Gale's story is the truth
17 120px 第2季 第17集 "Walkabout" 61 Locke loses Helen due to his father.
Locke enlists Henry Gale's help when the Swan Station goes into a surprising lockdown mode. Ana-Lucia, Charlie, and Sayid return from investigating Henry's balloon.
18 120px 第2季 第18集 "Walkabout" 62 Hurley deals with his made up friend at Santa Rosa.
Hurley is shaken to the core when he sees Dave on the island.
19 120px 第2季 第19集 "Walkabout" 62-63 Bernard and Rose meet.
Bernard attempts to assemble an enormous SOS sign on the beach; Kate and Jack go into the jungle to propose a Henry Gale-for-Walt swap with the Others; Michael returns.
N/A Lost reckoning Lost: Reckoning N/A N/A
Clip show.
20 120px 第2季 第20集 "Walkabout" 63-64 Ana-Lucia journeys to Australia with Jack's father.
Michael reveals secrets about the Others' camp to the survivors; Hurley and Libby plan their first date; Michael shoots Libby and Ana-Lucia.
21 120px 第2季 第21集 "Walkabout" 64-65 Eko must investigate a miracle.
Eko and Locke find the Pearl Station; Michael must maintain his cool as he watches Libby die slowly; the rest of the survivors must cope with the situation.
22 120px 第2季 第22集 "Walkabout" 52-65 Michael remembers his time spent with the Others.
Michael convinces Hurley, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer to ambush the Others to rescue Walt.
23 120px 第2季 第23集 "Walkabout" 65-67 Desmond's life before the island and his time in the hatch with Kelvin.
Michael, Jack, Hurley, Kate, and Sawyer are captured as they journey to the Others' camp; Sayid, Jin, and Sun use Desmond's boat to meets Jack's crew there, Locke and Desmond prevent Eko from pushing the button. Off the Island, Penelope learns of the Discharge.


# 图片 标题 天数 Flashback/Flashforward内容简介
N/A Lost tale of survival Lost: A Tale of Survival N/A N/A
Clip show.
01 120px 第3季 第1集 "Walkabout" 68 Jack suspects Sarah of dating Christian.
Juliet remembers the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are held in unique circumstances by the "Others".
02 120px 第3季 第2集 "Walkabout" 68-69 Jin and Sun deal with Jae Lee.
Sayid's ambush fails. Kate and Sawyer are forced to work. Ben makes an offer to Jack.
03 120px 第3季 第3集 "Walkabout" 69 Locke at the commune.
Locke, Eko and Desmond after the implosion. Hurley returns to the beach camp.
04 120px 第3季 第4集 "Walkabout" 70-71 Sawyer cons his way out of prison.
Jack can't save Colleen. Ben cons Sawyer. Desmond builds a lightning rod.
05 120px 第3季 第5集 "Walkabout" 71-72 Eko replaces Yemi in the church.
Locke leads a group of survivors to the Pearl. Eko follows Yemi, and gets killed by the "Monster".
06 120px 第3季 第6集 "Walkabout" 72-73 Kate's marriage to Kevin.
Jack operates on Ben. Kate and Sawyer have sex. Pickett and Jason are about to kill Sawyer when Jack's threats stop them.
N/A Lost survivor guide Lost Survivor Guide N/A N/A
Clip show.
07 120px 第3季 第7集 "Walkabout" 73 Juliet's career in Miami.
Jack and Tom finish Ben's surgery. Juliet shoots Danny. Alex, Kate and Sawyer free Karl and escape the Hydra Island.
08 120px 第3季 第8集 "Walkabout" 73 Desmond goes back in time following the fail-safe.
Desmond saves Claire from drowning and foresees Charlie's death.
09 120px 第3季 第9集 "Walkabout" 73-74 Jack in Phuket.
Jack bargains with Ben to keep Juliet alive as he is questioned by Isabel. Kate, Sawyer and Karl arrive on the Island.
10 120px 第3季 第10集 "Walkabout" 75 Hurley deals with his father.
Vincent and Hurley discover the DHARMA van. Kate and Sawyer are back at the camp.
11 120px 第3季 第11集 "Walkabout" 77 Sayid works as Najeev in Le Portail d'Arabie, a restaurant in Paris.
Sayid, Locke, Kate and Danielle investigate the Flame; coming into confrontation with Mikhail and Klugh. Sawyer and Hurley play table tennis.
12 120px 第3季 第12集 "Walkabout" 80 Claire meets with her father after her mother ends up in a coma from a car accident.
Claire has an idea to catch the migratory birds, tag them with a message, and send them off but it endanger's Charlie's fate. Locke, Sayid, Kate, Danielle and Mikhail arrive at the sonar fence.
13 120px 第3季 第13集 "Walkabout" 80-82 Locke breaks his back as his own father pushes him out of a window.
Locke reveals he wants to destroy the Galaga as Ben manipulates him so it prevents Jack and Juliet leaving the Island. Jack is reunited with Kate.
14 Normal expose-promo15 第3季 第14集 "Walkabout" 1-81 Nikki and Paulo steal $8 million in diamonds, then lose them in the crash.
Hurley begins to suspect that Sawyer may be involved in Nikki and Paulo's apparent death, and Sun learns the truth about her past kidnapping attempt by "The Others".
15 120px 第3季 第15集 "Walkabout" 83-84 Kate teams up with Cassidy Phillips so that Kate can confront her mother.
Kate, after being gassed, is handcuffed to Juliet in the jungle. Hurley fools Sawyer into making amends with the survivors.
16 120px 第3季 第16集 "Walkabout" 84-85 Juliet comes to the island.

Juliet arrives at the survivor's camp with Jack, Sayid and Kate. Claire is stricken by a mysterious illness as Juliet rushes to save her.

17 120px 第3季 第17集 "Walkabout" 86-87 Desmond is rejected by a monastery and meets Penny.
Desmond coaxes Charlie, Hurley and Jin on a trek into the jungle where they see a parachutist crash onto the Island. Kate has sex with Sawyer after Jack and Juliet have dinner together.
18 120px 第3季 第18集 "Walkabout" 87-88 Sun is blackmailed to keep Jin's past a secret.
Sun allows Juliet to take her to the Staff after learning about the pregnancy issues on the Island. Mikhail treats Naomi for his freedom.
19 120px 第3季 第19集 "Walkabout" 83-91 Having discovered that his father is on the Island, Locke decides to go with the Others.
Locke persuades Sawyer to kill Cooper, unbeknown to him. Sayid interrogates Naomi for information from the outside world.
20 120px 第3季 第20集 "Walkabout" 91-92 Ben's mother dies in childbirth. Years later, he and his father come to the island as DHARMA workmen.
Ben remembers arriving on the island with his father and growing up to become the leader of "The Others". Ben takes Locke to see Jacob. Meanwhile, Juliet's secret is exposed to the camp, as is Naomi.
21 120px 第3季 第21集 "Walkabout" 92 Charlie recalls the five greatest moments of his life.
Jack devises a defense plan to combat the Others with Sayid. Charlie takes up the task of swimming down to the Looking Glass to switch off the jamming equipment.
N/A TheAnswers logo Lost: The Answers N/A N/A
Clip show.
22 120px 第3季 第22集 "Walkabout" 92-93 2 years after the crash, Jack suffers from depression and drug/alcohol abuse.

Jack and the castaways begin their efforts to make contact with Naomi's rescue ship. Charlie is held captive in The Looking Glass. The ploy at the beach does not go as planned.


# 图片 标题 天数 Flashback/Flashforward内容简介
N/A LostPastPresent&Future Lost: Past, Present and Future N/A N/A
Clip show.
01 4x01 TBOTE Hurley Scared 第4季 第1集 "Tabula Rasa" 93 Hurley, one of the Oceanic Six, begins having hallucinations while back in the mental institution.
Feeling that their rescue is close at hand, the survivors don't know whether to believe Charlie’s final message that the people claiming to liberate them are not who they seem to be...
02 120px 第4季 第2集 "Tabula Rasa" 94 Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, Frank and Naomi are recruited by a mysterious man to join the freighter crew.
The survivors begin to question the intentions of their supposed rescuers when four strangers arrive on the island.
03 120px 第4季 第3集 "Tabula Rasa" 94 Sayid, another Oceanic Six, is a killer for Ben.
Locke's hostage may be the key to getting off the island, so Sayid and Kate go in search of their fellow castaway in an attempt to negotiate a peaceful deal.
04 120px 第4季 第4集 "Tabula Rasa" 95-96 Kate, one of the Oceanic Six, stands trial for her role as a fugitive.
Kate's need to get information out of the hostage may jeopardize her standing with Locke -- as well as with Sawyer.
05 120px 第4季 第5集 "Tabula Rasa" 94-96 Desmond goes back and forth from 1996 to the present.
Sayid and Desmond meet certain people on the freighter whilst the latter experiences some unexpected side effects from the trip.
06 120px 第4季 第6集 "Tabula Rasa" 96-97 Juliet recalls her relationship with Goodwin.
Juliet receives an unwelcome visit from someone from her past and is given orders to track down Charlotte and Faraday in order to stop them from completing their mission -- by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Ben offers Locke an enticing deal.
07 120px 第4季 第7集 "Tabula Rasa" 97-98 Sun, a member of the Oceanic Six, gives birth to a girl.
Juliet is forced to reveal some startling news to Jin when Sun threatens to move to Locke’s camp. Meanwhile, Sayid and Desmond begin to get an idea of the freighter crew’s mission when they meet the ship’s Captain.
08 408Michael on the boat 第4季 第8集 "Tabula Rasa" N/A N/A.
09 120px 第4季 第9集 "Tabula Rasa" 97 Ben tracks down Sayid off the Island to help him in his plot against Widmore.
Locke's camp comes under attack, and Jack tries to discover the identity of a body that has washed ashore.
10 FFJack2 第4季 第10集 "Tabula Rasa" 98-99 Jack sees a vision of his father in the future, while his relationship with Kate begins to fall apart.
Juliet and Kate must work together to save Jack when his health is seriously compromised; something goes wrong as Sawyer, Claire, Miles and Aaron head back to the beach.
11 120px 第4季 第11集 "Tabula Rasa" 98-99 Locke is born prematurely and later receives a visit from Richard Alpert and Matthew Abbadon.
Locke discovers the location of Jacob's cabin, and life aboard the freighter becomes increasingly perilous.
12 120px 第4季 第12集 "Tabula Rasa" 100 The Oceanic 6 deal with the immediate reaction to their rescue.
While some survivors escape to the Kahana, others head toward The Orchid, and some are captured by the Others.
13 120px 第4季 第13集 "Tabula Rasa" TBA