The Polar Bear in Hurley's Comic book, just one of the many animals shown in Lost

There are many different kinds of animals featured in Lost. Animals have proved very important during the survivors' time on the Island, whether it be for food, for spiritual guidance, or simply for moral support in times of difficulty.


Animal Pic Notes
Bees 180px
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1X16 Boar
  • Following Locke's bold suggestion, the castaways hunted boar for food. (1x04)
  • Sawyer caught a boar, but decided to let it live. (1x16)
  • Locke and Charlie found the body of a boar that's apparently been killed by a polar bear. (3x03)
  • Sawyer assisted Desmond in hunting a boar in an effort to ingratiate himself with the other survivors. (3x15)
Bpo Bpo
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  • Jin gave the dog to Sun. The dog was originally a gift to Jin from Byung Han, the Secretary for Environmental Safety, for not hurting him. The dog first belonged to his daughter. (1x06)  (1x17)
  • It is also seen in a number of her other flashbacks, and is given to the decorator to take care of after Sun runs away. (2x16) (1x06)
Bunny #8
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  • Ben used a bunny with a number '8' painted on it to convince Sawyer that he had been implanted with a pacemaker. Later, Ben revealed ostensibly the same bunny, unharmed after all. (3x04)
  • Ben used a bunny as a child to test the Sonic Fence. He wanted to runaway from the DHARMA Initiative and try and find his dead mother in (3x20).
  • In the Orchid Orientation film, a bunny with the number '15' is featured. Another bunny with the same number appears out of nowhere.
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  • A cat (named Nadia) lived with Mikhail at the Flame station. It is also seen after the explosion. (3x11)
  • Amira's cat (seen by Sayid in Paris) looked very similar, and was used as a metaphor for fear and empathic forgiveness. (3x11)
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  • Seen outside The Flame station in an enclosure. (3x11)
  • Mikhail Bakunin seems to be in charge of them, also seems that they are used for food, indicated by the large hunks of meat in the refrigerator at The Flame. (3x11)
  • A cow with a bell was seen by Frank Lapidus. (4x02)
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  • Wild chickens were hunted by the tailies. (2x07)
  • Locke eats some white chicken meat from Ben's fridge, and remarks that he's never appreciated chicken this much before. (3x13)
  • Locke kills a chicken for the group dinner after giving its last eggs to Ben for breakfast. (4x04)
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The dove
Hurley bird
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  • The Hurley Bird made an appearance. (1x24)
  • The Hurley Bird made a second appearance, making a vocalization that Hurley interpreted as speaking his name. (2x23)
Hamster? 180px
  • Ben presumably jokes to Locke that the electricity on the Island is provided by hamsters running on wheels. (3x13)
  • In Ben's house, there is a painting of an unidentified woman resembling Juliet holding a rodent-like creature that may be a hamster. (3x13)
Kate's horse
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Medusa spiders
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Spider. Expose
  • Arzt claimed that he had discovered several previously unknown species of insects and arachnids on the Island, including the Medusa spider. (3x14)
  • A medusa spider bit Nikki and Paulo, causing paralysis. (3x14)
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  • Locke described the moth's transition from childhood to adulthood; it was used as a metaphor for Charlie's recovery from heroin addiction. (1x07)
Others' horse
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  • The horse is a means of locomotion used by the Others on the Island. (3x11)
Polar bears
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  • Polar bears are regularly seen throughout the series, in "", "", and "", and additionally mentioned in "", "", "", "", "", and "", as well as a number of other episodes.
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  • Claire thought of a plan to catch gulls to send a message to the outside world. Desmond believed catching a gull would cause Charlie's death, so he caught one for her.(3x12)
  • When Claire was visiting her mother in the hospital, a brief scene of migrating birds were visible on the television.(3x12)
Sea urchin HurleyJinFish1x13
  • Jin offered Claire some sea urchin, which gets her baby kicking in her womb. (1x13)
  • Later on, Kate and Sawyer are fishing for sea urchin while flirting. [source needed]
  • Jin offers some to Hurley, who refuses (1x02). Hurley later believes that this act made Jin hate him. Whilst fishing, Hurley is stung in the foot by a sea urchin, and tries to make Jin pee on it to neutralize the poison. (1x13)
  • Sun uses a spine from a sea urchin as a makeshift needle, in order that Jack could give some of his blood to a fatally wounded Boone. (1x20)
  • Libby is attacked by a Sea Urchin while picking mussels. (2x17)
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Tree frog
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  • Sawyer heard a tree frog whose croak was so loud that it drove him to hunt it down with Hurley, a hunt that was used as a metaphor for Sawyer's dark and ruthless side -- when he found it, he crushed it in his hand. (2x14)
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  • Vincent is portrayed by Madison, a female Yellow Labrador Retriever.
  • In the premiere, and throughout the series, Walt's dog Vincent has appeared at moments which are often crucial (1x01), for example before Shannon's vision of Walt. (2x06)
"Walt's bird" 180px
  • After Brian wouldn't pay attention to Walt's report on birds, a bird ran into the window. Brian seems to think Walt had something to do with it. Walt had been reading a page about the "Bronze Cuckoo". This scene was central to Brian's claim that Walt was somehow "special", an opinion later echoed by Tom, Bea Klugh and Ben. (1x14)
  • Many birds are seen dead after being attracted to the Room 23 window while Walt is being held inside. (Room 23 (mobisode))

Minor occurrences

  • Locke said that when his foster sister Jeannie died, a Golden Retriever appeared which their mother believed was her daughter reincarnated. It stayed for five years, until the woman died, then disappeared. (1x16)
  • Fish are depicted in the Mural. (2x01)
  • Animal-themed decorations are featured in The Staff's nursery, including a lion, zebra, and monkey. (2x15)
  • Mr. Eko told a story about a boy who kills a dog, then worries about the existence of hell not because he is sorry, but because he is worried the dog he killed will be waiting for him there. (2x22)
  • Jack was shown the cartoon The Blue Danube, which features animals based on the folk tale "The Ugly Duckling". (3x04)
  • Juliet managed to impregnate a male field mouse. (3x07)
  • Pictures of orange fish and insects including a bee are featured in the Room 23 video. (3x07)
  • Ben has an insect collection in his home. (3x16)
  • According to the commentary on the "On location" section of the Season 3 DVD, the tank in the Hydra Station where Jack was being kept prisoner, was used also for sharks and "Juliet's dolphins". A dolphin is also seen in a child's drawing on one of the walls in the school. The dolphin in the picture is swimming with an unidentified girl in a pink swimsuit, along with some smaller fish, and the submarine. The picture is labeled, "Me and my fish".

Recurring themes

Animal attacks

Animal attacks that have occurred in the Lost storyline are listed here with a brief description and episode citation.

  • Shark - A shark attacked Sawyer in the water as Michael shot at it with a gun. (2x02).
  • Bees - Charlie stepped on a bee hive on the ground, resulting in a swarm that chases Jack, Locke, Charlie, and Kate, who discover the Caves while seeking refuge. (1x06)
  • Polar bear - Polar bears have attacked on numerous occasions:
    • A bear attacked Kate, Sawyer, Shannon, Sayid, and Boone during their mission to operate the radio. Sawyer shot it dead with a gun, and Kate realized it was a polar bear. Boone wondered if it had killed the pilot, although this conjecture is not confirmed. (1x01)
    • A bear attacked Walt. Locke and Michael managed to rescue Walt and chase the bear away. (1x14)
    • Locke and Charlie rescued Eko from a cave occupied by a polar bear using fire. Locke had earlier seen a polar bear in his vision. (3x03)
    • When Eko was killed outside the Pearl station, Locke lied and told Nikki that he thought a bear had killed him. (3x05)
  • Boar - Characters are charged at by boars on multiple occasions:
    • Michael was knocked over by a charging boar as he, Kate and Locke attempted to hunt boar for the first time. (1x04)
    • Charlie is charged at by a boar, before it is caught in a trap by Locke. (1x07)
    • Jin is knocked over by a charging boar, just before discovering Goodwin's body.(2x05)
    • Sawyer was knocked down by a charging boar as he heard whispers. (1x16)
  • Sawyer and animals: Sawyer was tormented by animals on two occasions. The first time, he was tormented by a boar. He enlisted Kate's help in finding it, and when he finally caught up to it, he spared its life, a theme in sync with his sympathetic flashback storyline. (1x16) The second time, he was tormented by the sounds of a tree frog. He enlisted Hurley's help in finding it, and when he caught up to it, he killed it immediately. (2x14) This killing echoed his recent dark actions in obtaining the survivors' gun cache in the previous episode. (2x13)
  • Medusa spider: The Medusa spider, identified by Dr. Arzt, attacks and paralyzes Paulo and Nikki. ""

DHARMA Initiative

75px Hydro final 75px
Multiple animals and animal themes have been associated with the DHARMA Initiative. Two of the stations The Swan, and The Hydra, are named after animals. There is a reference to "Cerberus", the mythical three-headed dog, on the blast door map. The Others have mentioned DHARMA's use of animals. Tom mentioned that polar bears had been the previous occupants of Kate and Sawyer's cages, and Juliet mentioned that sharks and dolphins had been housed in the Hydra station. As further corroboration of these claims, the shark that attacked Michael and Sawyer in "" bore a DHARMA logo, the polar bear's cave included a carcass wearing a uniform with a DHARMA logo, and polar bears were shown in the Swan Orientation Film. Both the shark and polar bears have been involved in animal attacks (see above).


Sun, Walt, Hurley, and Locke have been known to have or have had pet dogs. Several of these had been transferred from other characters. For example Vincent was given by Brian Porter to Walt, and Bpo Bpo, formerly Byung's Daughter's pet, was given by her father Byung Han to Jin, who gave it to as a gift to Sun.

Locke also saw a "Lost dog" wanted poster, presumably for a lost pet. (1x19)

The Lost Experience

1980 orientation stills boar

Animals are depicted in the psychology test video

Animals are also present in Template:Link.

Unanswered questions

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  • How did the animals get to the Island?
  • For what reasons did the DHARMA Initiative keep polar bears, sharks, and dolphins?
  • Does Vincent have special abilities?
  • What is the "Hurley bird"?
  • Will animal-related content from TLE appear in future television episodes?
  • What is the nature of Kate's horse?

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