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The Black Rock is a British trading ship that was found inland on the Island. Its history and reason for being on the Island are shrouded in mystery. Parts of its story, however, have been revealed through The Lost Experience and was used in the second ARG, Find 815. The ship has been seen in the episodes 第1季 第23集 , 第1季 第24集  and 第3季 第19集 , and some of the history of the ship was revealed in 第4季 第5集 .


The Black Rock set sail from Portsmouth, England March 22, 1845, purportedly on a trading mission to the Kingdom of Siam (an old name for Thailand). The ship was believed to have been lost at sea. Seven years later, the journal of the ship's first mate was discovered among the artifacts of pirates on Île Sainte-Marie, an island off the coast of Madagascar. This journal was believed to be the only surviving remnant of the Black Rock's ill-fated final voyage. (4x05)


From what has been discovered so far, it seems that the ship may have reached the Island on its way back from Papua New Guinea. Its mission was to reach Africa, where it was to exchange gold for more slaves. However since the ship ended up to the east of Papua New Guinea it would have been traveling the wrong direction, east instead of west. And indeed it was stated by traders at a Papua New Guinea port that the ship set sail east instead of west.

The ship's resting place is a great distance inland, a phenomenon that has yet to be explained.


The Black Rock was discovered by the survivors of Flight 815 on Day 44. (1x23) However, its existence was established much earlier in the series. The ship was first mentioned (in French) in Danielle Rousseau's distress signal in a part that was not translated by Shannon, (1x01)  (1x02) and was once mentioned when Charlie read Claire's diary, saying she was with the ship in a dream.

Indeed the ship had been discovered long before the arrival of the survivors of Flight 815. In particular by the aforementioned Rousseau, and by Radzinsky or Kelvin Inman, previous occupants of the Swan station, who mapped the Black Rock on a hidden map on the inside of a blast door. Their map notes: "KNOWN FINAL RESTING PLACE OF MAGNUS HANSO/BLACK ROCK". This implies that Magnus Hanso was indeed on the ship when it disappeared and is buried in or near the crashed vessel. (2x17)

Rousseau mentioned the Black Rock to the captured Sayid. Also, a section of her map, stolen by Sayid after his escape, was labeled "Black Rock". Rousseau later claimed there is a Radio Tower near the Black Rock, from where she broadcast her distress signal. (1x09) The Radio Tower is not seen until the end of Season 3. (3x22)

Rousseau finally took a group of Flight 815 survivors (Locke, Hurley, Kate, Jack and Arzt) to the Black Rock in order to retrieve some of the dynamite stored inside. The dynamite was to be used in an attempt to blow up the Swan station's hatch. Rousseau named the area the ship was in the Dark Territory. (1x23)


Locke and Sawyer outside the Black Rock

After Rousseau left them, Locke, Kate and Jack entered the ship through a large hole in the hull. Outside, Hurley and Arzt talked about how they were treated. Inside the ship, skeletons were found shackled together, likely remains of the slaves. Old mining equipment was also found, including the dynamite. At least two cases of highly-volatile sticks were present inside the ship's hold. According to Locke the ship "must have been en route to a mining colony--(it) probably set off from the eastern coast of Africa--Mozambique". The Flight 815 survivors hauled one of the cases out of the ship. While handling some of the volatile dynamite, the unfortunate Arzt blew himself up. The remaining survivors left the ship with several sticks of dynamite. (1x24)

A few months later, Locke returned to the Black Rock. He imprisoned Anthony Cooper in the ship's brig using shackles which appear to be from the ship (as he was tied up with rope at the Ruins). Locke then returned to the camp to get Sawyer, who upon learning that Anthony Cooper was the "Mister Sawyer" responsible for his parents' murder/suicide, strangled him using the shackles. Moments before, Danielle Rousseau arrived at the ship to retrieve some dynamite. (3x19)



The 1996 Southfield's auction

In 1996, the first mate's recovered journal was sold at a Southfield's auction by Tovard Hanso, in lot #2342, for £380,000 to bidder #755, Charles Widmore. (4x05)

历史 (来自 The Lost Experience)


A page from the New World Sea Traders book with information about Magnus Hanso and the company's shipping fleet

The Black Rock was allegedly owned and run by the British trading group the New World Sea Traders. The slave trade had been outlawed in 1807, however slavery itself was not abolished in the British Empire until 1833. The company owned a fleet of fifteen ships, including a frigate, two sloops, and three slave ships. The Black Rock may have been one of these slave ships, though they were sold in 1882, a year after the Black Rock disappeared according to Lost Experience sources, suggesting the company may have had actually sixteen ships pre-1881.

The New World Sea Traders was owned and operated by Magnus Hanso, a former ship's captain who became a business entrepreneur. While no direct ownership has been stated, it is known that the Black Rock sailed out of slip 23 in Portsmouth docks, and Hanso's trading group managed slips 18 to 27. [1](although Portsmouth harbor in Britain has been a naval port since the mid 1700s. From 1808 the Royal Navy's West Africa Squadron, who were tasked to stop the slave trade, operated out of Portsmouth).

Black rock

A different look of the Black Rock, from The Lost Experience

According to articles revealed by Rachel Blake, the Black Rock disappeared in 1881, on a return voyage from a gold mining operation in the South Indian Ocean. Perhaps more interesting than the fact the ship was lost were the circumstances preceding and following its disappearance. According to traders on Papua New Guinea, the ship sailed away from port in an Easterly direction, rather than West to Africa, where it would exchange gold from the mines in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea for more slaves. According to the ship's manifest that was discovered, the Black Rock initially sailed from (and was supposed to return to) slip 23 in Portsmouth, Britain -- but no shipping company claimed ownership. A crew of some 40 men, along with an uncounted number of slaves, was presumably lost at sea.[2] Magnus Hanso was known to still have a hands-on passion for the sea and insisted on captaining several voyages every year. It is likely that he was captaining the Black Rock himself when the ship disappeared, based on the note on the blast door map.

The sale of the company in 1882 to the East Ocean Trade Group saw the remainder of the New World Sea Traders slaving and military vessels converted to legitimate trading ships. In the 1950s, the Hanso Group purchased the East Ocean Trade Group, and renamed it to the Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants. (Rachel Blake Copenhagen 02)

Find 815


The page about the Black Rock in Sam's browser

While investigating the disappearance of Flight 815, Sam Thomas received an email from someone who said that he or she knew Sonya. They sent a picture of her. After noticing incongruities in the image, Sam found four messages in it: "Sunda Trench", "Christiane I", "Black Rock" and "Tell no one - Grave Consequences." On Sam's desktop, a website dealing with the Sunda Trench originally also showed a diagram of a slaveship. (Find 815 clues/January 2)

After he got on board the Christiane I, a new website briefly appeared in Sam's web browser giving a brief history of the Black Rock. His contact, Tracey R also found some facts through research, and contacted Sam via email. Most of the information reiterated clues revealed as part of the Lost Experience, though Tracey drew some inferences not explicitly stated earlier, such as that Magnus may have been onboard the Black Rock when it vanished. Also, the website in Sam's browser claims the Black Rock was one of three slave ships owned by the New World Sea Traders, though there appears some discrepancy as the three ships the company had in 1882 were sold off (a year after the Black Rock disappeared). Thus, the article should presumably say "one of four" at least. (Find 815 clues/January 8)


Talbot's project

It was later revealed that the Christiane I's mission was to search for the wreck of the Black Rock. It is not fully explained why the crew wish to find the wreck, but the expedition supervisor Oscar Talbot, assigned to the ship by The Maxwell Group, commented in an interview that the mission was an archaeological survey of the wreck, which they believed sank in the Sunda Trench in 1881. (Find 815 clues/January 11)  (Find 815 clues/January 14)


  • When the Black Rock was first shown in 第1季 第23集 , only about 1/4 of it was actually built as a set. The rest was added via CGI. When it was shown again in 第3季 第19集 , it was completely CGI.
  • The image above was originally taken from a woodcut image of the HMS Victory, a First Rate battleship from the Battle of Trafalgar.
  • The image from The Lost Experience is actually of a different ship than the one visited by the Losties. The Losties' Black Rock is much smaller, if the stern is any gauge. The B&W image from The Lost Experience is not that of a slave ship, but of a man of war, probably a fifth- or fourth-rate frigate. The gun ports are clearly visible, as is the spacious stern gallery. That gallery is nowhere to be seen on the oddly well-preserved stern of the ship the Losties find, nor are the gun ports.
  • The Black Rock is reminiscent of the Spanish Galleon found washed up 4 days trek inland by Jose Arcadio Buendia in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novel One Hundred Years of Solitude.
  • The Black Rock was a merchant ship carrying slaves. This could be a reference to Redemption Song, which Sawyer was heard singing while on the raft. (1x24)
 "Old pirates, yes, they rob I
Sold I to the merchant ships" -Redemption Song
  • The port the Black Rock sailed out of, Portsmouth, is also
    1. the birthplace of Charles Dickens
    2. a brand of cigarettes seen in Lost.
  • The picture at the top of the Black Rock web page on Sam's laptop is actually a famous painting by J.M.W. Turner called "Slavers throwing overboard the Dead and Dying - Typhoon coming on" or simply "The Slave Ship" it is based on a real-life event known as the Zong Massacre. The Zong is the name of the british slave ship in the picture. The masscare took place in 1781.
  • On the 1990's Channel 4 sitcom Father Ted, three Irish Catholic priests are exiled to the uncharted Craggy Island somewhere off the west coast of Ireland for a mixture of incompetent and embarrassing behavior. One priest, Father Dougal McGuire is in exile for a mysterious incident - the "Blackrock incident" - involving a group of nuns and a Sealink Ferry, presumably caused by his stupidity.


Information from both The Lost Experience and Find 815 established that the Black Rock disappeared in 1881. However, information revealed in flashback in 第4季 第5集  directly contradicts this, suggesting that the ship vanished in March, 1845, and that the last remnant of the ship, the first mate's journal, was found seven years later, almost thirty years before the established timeline set out by the Lost alternate reality games. The Black Rock also contains crates of dynamite, which was not invented until 1866.


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  • 究竟黑岩號是怎樣座落在森林的中央的?
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  • 究竟在黑岩號的船員身上,發生了什麼事?
  • 那些解開了手銬的人究竟是誰?第1季 第24集 ?
  • 導演指出埃及人比DHARMA更早來到島上. 19世紀時,埃及人被用作奴隶販賣, 所以埃及人是否由於黑岩號而來到島上? 他們是否島上的第一批居民?