Clark Finney
首次出現 第2季 第2集
最後出現 第2季 第2集
姓名 Clark Finney
家庭成員 不明

Clark FinneyMichael的代表律師,以幫助他去奪回Walt的領養權。 His low fees were one of the primary reasons that Michael chose him to present his case regarding Walt's custody against Susan and Brian Porter. Finney was aware of his general status in this regard, and reminded Michael that their case against Susan's formidable legal team could be likened to a "David vs. Goliath", and would still be financially draining to Michael.

During the legal meeting, Finney was attempting to help Michael retain his rights as a parent to Walt. Michael became easily flustered, and Finney attempted to manage his outbursts. Eventually Susan made a deal directly with Michael, without any of the attorneys present.


  • In the initial television broadcast of "", there is a nondescript view of buildings outside of Finney's office window. In subsequent broadcasts, the twin World Trade Center towers are visible in the background, setting the scene in New York City and the date before September 11, 2001.
  • The architecture of Finney's office indicates that it was filmed in the same building as the conference room of the meeting with Susan's legal team in the same episode.
  • His first name was revealed in the Lost Encyclopedia.