The DHARMA Initiative built a series of stations on the Island and at least one off island in Los Angeles. The different stations have different purposes. Some stations are for research into various scientific subjects but other stations provide communications infrastructure. According to the Sri Lanka Video, they were created to help scientists "save the world as we know it" via research in various fields such as zoology and psychology. All of the stations seen so far have power and running water. Each facility has its own, octagon-shaped logo.

After the Purge, the Others began using some of the stations for their own purposes while others were left abandoned.

Though the stations have been abandoned for a number of years, all of them still have power and light. Some have been shown to still have running water and resupply airdrops were still occurring at the Swan in 2004.

The Facilities/Stations found on the Island are:

The Hydra

主條目: 九頭蛇站
研究站編號: 1號
防爆門地圖: 右下方
隔離標記: 沒有發現
用途: Zoological Research
研究站介紹影片: 發現
狀況: 被廢棄

See also: Hydra Island

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The Arrow

主條目: 弓箭站
研究站編號: 2號
防爆門地圖: 上方
隔離標記: 發現
用途: Development of defensive strategies, and Intelligence gathering
研究站介紹影片: 發現
狀況: 被廢棄
其他資料: The Arrow station was once one of the DHARMA initiative research stations referred to in the Swan Orientation Film. In 2004, the station is largely empty except for several boxes, one containing a glass eye and copies of the Bible.

Its name and symbol were noted on the blast door map. As in the Swan station "QUARANTINE" is written on the inside of the door. The station still has power and light, operated by some kind of switchbox. No Arrow-specific Orientation Film has been found, but an aborted take was seen filming.

The tail section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 lived here before merging with the middle section survivors.

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The Swan

主條目: 天鵝站
研究站編號: 3號
防爆門地圖: 下方
隔離標記: 發現
用途: Electromagnetic Research and later Containment
研究站介紹影片: 發現
狀況: 內爆炸毀
其他資料: The Swan is DHARMA Initiative Station number 3, first discovered by Locke and Boone. Template:Crossref

According to its orientation film, the Swan was originally a laboratory "where scientists could work to understand the unique electromagnetic fluctuations emanating from this sector of the Island". However, after an "Incident", a protocol had to be followed in which two people would take shifts pressing a button (Inputting the Numbers) into a Computer) every 108 minutes for 540 days, at the end of which replacements will arrive to take the place of the previous inhabitants. It is located in the southern region of the Island, about a mile inland of the crash of Flight 815. There is a fail safe switch, whose function if activated still remains mysterious. The switch was activated and the station imploded following the discharge. Template:Crossref

See also: the Hatch (Swan Exterior)


The Flame

主條目: 火焰站
研究站編號: 4號
防爆門地圖: 左下方
隔離標記: 沒有發現
用途: Communication
研究站介紹影片: 沒有發現(however, a set of instructions were given on the computer)
其他資料: The Flame is the name of a DHARMA initiative communications station. Its name and symbol were depicted on the blast door map, but the location is describe as "alleged".

The station itself exists in three parts. The outside is a paddock for cows, inside is a living area, some storage, and a computer room. Underneath a rug is a door to a lower hatch area. This hatch contains DHARMA paperwork and more storage. The Flame was also rigged with a self-destruct feature consisting of C-4 explosive wired throughout the lower level. When Locke entered the code "77" into the Flame's computer, the self-destruct sequence was initiated and the Flame exploded soon after Kate and Locke left Template:Crossref .

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The Pearl

主條目: 珍珠站
研究站編號: 5號
防爆門地圖: 正中央
隔離標記: 沒有發現
用途: Psychological Research and/or Observation
研究站介紹影片: 發現 (U-matic tape)
狀況: 被廢棄
其他資料: The Pearl is a DHARMA Initiative station and was first discovered by Nikki and Paulo and later by Locke and Mr. Eko. The task of this station, according to its Orientation video, is to monitor the Swan station and, other stations via a Remote Viewing system. The orientation video also states that the inhabitants of the Swan station are unknowingly part of a psychological experiment and the Pearl's occupants are to record their every behavior. However it is presumed the work the Pearl staff was conducting was in fact the real psychological experiment, since the notebooks they were asked to fill ended up at a dump. Template:Crossref DHARMA Initiative staff members delivered food and supplies to the Pearl from time to time. Template:Crossref.

There was also a hidden camera present in the Pearl, indicating they and not the Swan residents were the subject of the experiment. The station consists of a corridor with an octagonal tunnel leading down by ladder to the outside and one large, octagonal room, in which nine television sets are fed live surveillance pictures. There appears to be damage to this station: missing panels in the roof, loose wires, boulder in room. There are no living quarters for the Pearl's personnel, as they only served in eight-hour shifts. However, there is a still-working toilet in a room placed left in the station. Template:Crossref This station is the place where we first saw Mikhail Bakunin.

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The Orchid

主條目: 蘭花站
研究站編號: 6號
防爆門地圖: Possibly "Crossed-out station"
隔離標記: 沒有發現
用途: Space-time manipulation research, disguised as a Botanical station
研究站介紹影片: 發現
狀況: 被廢棄
其他資料: It has a greenhouse on the surface, which has a secret elevator that leads down to a short corridor with several doors along it. At the end of the corridor is a large room which houses the Vault (the time machine). Behind the wall of the vault is a dirt tunnel which leads to a frozen cave with a large wheel sticking out of part of the dirt wall.

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The Staff

主條目: 權杖站
研究站編號: 不明
防爆門地圖: 左上方
隔離標記: 沒有發現
用途: Medical
研究站介紹影片: 沒有發現
狀況: 被廢棄
其他資料: The Staff is a DHARMA Initiative station. It appears to be a medical station. Claire was taken here after being abducted by Ethan. Template:Crossref Presumably, the fully operational staff was preparing her for a forced birthing, to deliver Aaron into the clutches of the Others. After her escape (assisted by Alex), the station was abandoned. The station was later revisited by Claire, along with Kate and Rousseau. Template:Crossref

It was also visited by Juliet and Sun when they went to find out the date of Sun's conception Template:Crossref, and again at Juliet's request by Jin, Sun, Charlotte, and Daniel to gather medical supplies for Jack's appendectomy. Template:Crossref

According to the station's position in the blast door map, it appears to be located in the western portion of the Island. No Staff-specific Orientation Film has been found, and unlike the Swan and the Arrow stations, there is no "Quarantine" warning on any of the doors of the station.

See also: Station explorers


The Looking Glass

主條目: 窺鏡站
研究站編號: 不明
防爆門地圖: 左下方
隔離標記: 沒有發現
用途: Signal Jamming and Sonar Beacon
研究站介紹影片: 沒有發現
狀況: 部份位置被水淹沒,其餘位置被廢棄
其他資料: The Looking Glass is an underwater station with a moon pool and signal jamming equipment. It is connected to the mainland via a Cable. Ben Linus told The Others that the station was flooded but this is untrue. Two Others were stationed at the Looking Glass in secret by Ben as guards. At the end of Season 3, the Others had lost control of the station and it was partially flooded.

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The Tempest

主條目: 暴風站
研究站編號: 不明
防爆門地圖: 可能是C3或C4
隔離標記: 沒有發現
用途: Toxic Gas Research and Production Facility
研究站介紹影片: 沒有發現
狀況: 被廢棄
其他資料: Charlotte informs Juliet that she and Daniel went there to disable the station for fear that Ben may try to "use" it again. Charlotte may be alluding to the fact that Ben had used this station to initiate the Purge that killed all of the DHARMA Initiative members and that he'll do the same to everyone currently on the Island.Template:Crossref

See also: "第4季 第6集"


The Lamp Post

主條目: 燈柱站
研究站編號: 不明
防爆門地圖: 沒有發現
隔離標記: 沒有發現
用途: To determine the Island's location at a certain time
研究站介紹影片: 沒有發現
其他資料: Eloise Hawking reveals that this station is how the Dharma Initiative discovered the Island.Template:Crossref It was the first station built by the Initiative, according to the Lost Encylopedia.

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Possible and yet-to-be-seen stations

  • The Temple is marked on Ben's map with a DHARMA logo. However it is unknown why the Initiative gave a Hostile controlled area a logo. Template:Crossref
  • It is likely a meteorology station exists, considering one of the Initiative's main subjects of study was Meteorology. The blast door map theorizes a possible location, and the Lost Encyclopedia speculates that either one existed or was never finished.
  • According to the blast door map, a cryptography research/listening station may also exist.
  • Two stations, drawn with dotted lines on the blast door map, are labeled with "C3?" and "C4?". It is unknown if they refer to known or unknown stations.
  • Elsewhere on the map, the text "Alleged location of aborted #7. Large number of underground springs, heavy water table" appears.
  • It is believed that a power station may exist somewhere on the Island which likely would house geothermal turbines to power all the other facilities.
  • "The Door" was presumed to be the entrance to another station, but when it was opened by Sayid, there was a wall of rock. It seems "the Door" was part of an elaborate hoax constructed by the Others. However it is unknown if they made up the logo for the Door or possibly took it from another station.

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