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Danielle Rousseau
飾演者: Mira Furlan (中年)
Melissa Farman (青年)
首次出現: 第1季 第9集
最後出現: 第6季 第16集
出現集數: 26集
姓名: Danielle Rousseau
種類: 女性人類
出身地: 法國
狀況: 死亡
出生日期: 1960年
死亡日期: 2004年12月27日
家庭成員: Robert - 情人
Alex - 女兒

Danielle Rousseau科學考察隊的成員之一,亦是Robert的情人和Alex的母親。她在懷孕7個月時,跟隨一支考察隊去進行考察,但是在乘船途中卻遇上風暴而來到小島。後來在小島上她以為考察隊的其他成員都受到感染,於是便把他們全殺死,之後她更誕下了她的女兒Alex,但在Alex出生後不久便被Ben拐走。經過在小島上生活了16年後,她遇到Oceanic航空815航班的生還者,而透過生還者她與Alex重逢,並一起生活了數天。最後在第97天,當她與Alex和Karl前往神殿時,被傭兵隊槍殺。








1989年,Danielle生下了Alex,並與她一同居住在海邊的營帳中。但是,Ben在Charles Widmore的命令下,在一個晚上來到準備殺死丹妮艾爾。本來Ben打算開槍,但發現到Alex的存在。於是他選擇放過丹妮艾爾一命,擄走了Alex,並警告丹妮艾爾,每當聽到耳語聲時,就立即往另一方向逃走,避開「其他人」。(5x12)On the way back from the Black Rock, there was an as yet unexplained encounter. Danielle mysteriously says "It was them. They were the carriers. The Others." She believes that the other members of the team contracted the sickness from the Others. She later claimed that at least up to the time she had met Sayid, she had never seen one of the Others but only heard them as whispers in the jungle. Because of this, there is no way to know if what she calls the Others are the same as the people who now live at the Barracks.

After returning to the shelter, some of the team continued to search for the meaning of the numbers while they waited for rescue. This is likely the partial source for what is known as Rousseau's map. But then she says the sickness came. She says the sickness took them one after the other. She eventually killed Robert who she claimed was sick by first removing the firing pin from his gun and engaging him in a confrontation where she shot him dead.

Rousseau explained her motivations for killing the other members of the team as follows: "I had no choice. They were already lost. What would have happened if we were rescued? I couldn't let that happen. I won't."

She claims that after her team was all dead, she went back to the radio tower and changed the transmission three days before giving birth. The message left at the radio tower is not totally consistent with her story. The radio tower message suggests that another person (Brennan) was alive and had taken some keys. She also says that "it [or he] killed them all" and that "it [or he] was outside her location when she was recording her message." The message could either suggest another cause of death for her team or that the "them" she speaks of is someone other than her team.

Rousseau claims that three days later she delivered her baby alone, which she named Alexandra. She says that she was together with the baby for a week before she saw a pillar of black smoke about five kilometers inland and on that night, her child was taken from her. She says the baby was taken by the Others but she also has said that she had never seen one of them at that time and only knew them as whispers.

Rousseau continued living on the Island for over 16 years, before meeting Sayid after he was caught in a trap. At some point during their stay on the island, either Rousseau or other members of the French team attempted to map parts of the island. Rousseau is familiar with the "Monster" but for unexplained reasons calls it the security system.

Danielle claims that she has survived so long because of her policy of avoiding encounters with the various inhabitants of the island. (3x11) This however is inconsistent with her torture of Sayid for information.

Her story is inconsistent with that told by Mikhail Bakunin with respect to the Purge. Bakunin claimed to be a witness to the last days of the DHARMA Initiative and the Purge. Bakunin arrived on the island around 1993 while Rousseau arrived 16 years ago (1988). This suggests that either the DHARMA Initiative was still functioning when Rousseau arrived or that the Purge occurred earlier than Bakunin suggested.

Encountering the survivors编辑

Season 1 (Days 12-44)编辑

Following the cable from the beach, Sayid stumbled into a snare trap set by Danielle, who subsequently takes him hostage.
File:1X09 DanielleSayidJungle.jpg
Initially suspecting he is an Other, Rousseau brings Sayid back to her camp. She ties him up and asks "Where is Alex!" in a variety of languages. When he denies knowing anything about this, she uses electricity to torture him. After some time, Danielle begins to talk to Sayid, and tells him a number of things about her time on the Island. For instance, she tells him that the distress signal broadcasts from the radio tower, and that it is under the control of the Others (a strange thing to know, considering she also says she has never actually seen "them" only heard their whispers but another time says her team encountered them right before they became ill). When Sayid offers to repair her broken music box, Rousseau sedates him and moves him to a chair. After fixing the box, much to Rousseau's delight, animal noises can be heard from outside Rousseau's self-made bunker. As she goes to investigate, Sayid steals her maps and notes about the Island and escapes her capture. (1x09)
File:1X18 DanielleHurleyHug.jpg

Back at the camp, Rousseau's notes attract Hurley's attention. He notices that written on them are the Numbers, and he treks into the jungle with the rest of the group who are after the batteries Rousseau has. Meeting up with each other, Rousseau agrees with Hurley's idea that the Numbers are cursed, as they are what brought her to the Island in the first place. Hurley then gives her a big hug. (1x18)

Also around this time, Danielle finds Claire delirious in the jungle. As Claire shouts for "Ethan," Rousseau realizes it is the Others, and pleads for Claire to be quiet. A struggle then begins and Claire badly scratches Danielle's arms. Knocking her unconscious, Danielle carries her back near the main survivors' camp, leaving her where she rightly believes she'll be easily found. (2x15)

File:1X23 DanielleBlackRockParty.jpg

Rousseau later went to the Losties main camp, warning them about the pillar of black smoke and told them that it meant that Aaron would be kidnapped by the others. She then led a number of the survivors to the Black Rock in the hope they could use the dynamite within it to blow open the Hatch and hide inside. (1x23)

Rousseau then returned to the beach camp, and kidnapped Aaron. She then headed across the Island. Both Charlie and Sayid find her, and she admits she thought she might be able to exchange Aaron for Alex, after hearing the whispers say they wanted "the boy" (though they in fact meant Walt all along). (1x24)

Season 2 (Days 58-59)编辑

File:2X15 DanielleIsBack.jpg

Rousseau then disappeared for a while, but contacted the survivors again after she caught an Other, Benjamin Linus (aka Henry Gale), in one of her traps. She warned Sayid that Henry was one of them, and that he would lie for a long time. When Henry tried to escape, Danielle shot him in the back with a crossbow, and left him in Sayid's charge. (2x14)

Only a couple of days later, Rousseau is sought out once more, this time by Claire, who is beginning to remember what happened to her while she was kidnapped. Believing Rousseau knows more than she actually does about the events, she tells Rousseau to take her back to "that place". Danielle believes she means the location where she found her, and takes her back there, along with Kate. Claire then manages to find the Staff station, where she had been held, and the three go inside. Neither Claire nor Danielle find what they were searching for, and Danielle is upset that she is still no closer to ever seeing her daughter. As Claire realized what actually happened, and how Danielle had actually saved her life, she reveals that the female Other who also helped her was probably the Alex Danielle lost 16 years ago. Danielle thanks Claire for telling her this, and returns to her home in the jungle. (2x15)

Season 3 (Days 76-91)编辑

File:3X12 KateDanielleRiver.jpg

Later, Kate goes looking for her, seeking her help in finding the Others' camp. When Rousseau asked why she should help, Kate mentioned how her escape from the Hydra was assisted by Alex, who Kate is sure is Rousseau's daughter. (3x10)

Danielle, along with Kate, Sayid and Locke, venture out into the jungle to locate the Others' camp. During their journey, they encounter Mikhail Bakunin and the Flame station, which Danielle has never seen before. Whilst Kate, Sayid and Locke decide to investigate, Danielle refuses to go along, stating that she has kept alive for sixteen years by avoiding such situations. She waits by a nearby stream until they have finished their search. When they return with Bakunin as a prisoner, she presses them to kill him because she doesn't trust him. Sayid refuses to do so, however. (3x11)

File:3x19 rousseau promotional.jpg

Danielle continues to travel with the group, and at a rest stop by a stream, Kate asks Danielle why she isn't concerned with any details regarding her daughter. Danielle tells Kate that her daughter will not recognize her and that she may not even like what her daughter has become. Later, Danielle continues being wary of Bakunin, telling the others that whatever he says "will be a lie." En route to the barracks, Danielle discovers a series of metallic posts and alerts the others. After managing to scale the sonic security fence, Danielle and the others arrive at the outskirts of the barracks (3x12)

After witnessing Jack playing football with Tom, she abandons the group without saying anything, but she remains hidden in the vicinity of the barracks. Later she silently witnesses Alex taking Locke to the submarine but Alex doesn't see her. She then disappears and is nowhere to be seen when the Barracks are evacuated or when Juliet, Jack, Kate and Sayid leave the Barracks. (3x13) (3x15)

Eight or nine days later, she briefly reappeared, entering the Black Rock while Locke was forcing a confrontation between Sawyer and Anthony Cooper in the ship's brig. Danielle stated that she was there for some dynamite, then took a crate and left, seemingly unconcerned with Locke's activities. (3x19)

File:3x22 alex danielle promotional.jpg

The dynamite was for Jack, who had come to her for help after learning of the Others' plan to take the pregnant women. She helped him and the castaways to set up three booby-trapped tents, which they would detonate from afar when the Others went in. However, Danielle determined that they didn't have enough wire. They started to strip more from the plane wreckage, but the plan had to be scrapped when Karl arrived to warn that the Others would be coming sooner than expected. It was decided that three men - Sayid, Bernard and Jin - would stay behind to detonate the explosives by shooting them. Meanwhile, Danielle would lead Jack and the rest to the radio tower and disable her distress signal, which would allow Naomi to contact her ship with the satellite phone and bring rescue to the island. (3x21)

Danielle led the group up to the radio tower, and on the way met her daughter, Alex. She communicated with her for the first time, and Alex herself seemed curious about her. The two tied Ben up together, and headed on to the radio tower. Danielle stated earlier to Jack that she would help them find rescue, but would not be leaving herself. The Island is the only place she knows, and is her home.(3x22)

Season 4 (Days 91-98)编辑


丹妮艾爾跟從著Locke的隊伍,發現到剛從直升機上跳傘的Charlotte Lewis。Ben想殺死她,但卻招來Locke的死亡威脅。丹妮艾爾試圖保護她的女兒,不會因為Alex反對殺死Ben而受傷害,但最後Locke選擇放過Ben一命。(4x02) 丹妮艾爾繼續幫助Locke,讓他們可以繼續留在島上,包括協助捉住Sayid。(4x03) 另外,她亦曾帶過Ben到Locke在兵營的地下室。(4x04)


Rousseau's French编辑

It has already been noted that Rousseau oddly speaks with a central-European accent. In fact, she doesn't even seem to speak French correctly. For instance, she mispronounced "le territoire foncé" (Dark Territory). The word foncé includes acute accent and the é is pronounced [e], but Rousseau pronounced the word as if the é were silent. A French native speaker would never make such error.

"Territoire foncé" is also a pretty inaccurate translation of "dark territory", the french equivalent would rather be "territoire sombre" (which is used in the French dubbed version of the show). "Foncé" only means dark for a color tone (i.e. bleu foncé = dark blue) and never refers to the figurative meaning of the word. Again, this is not a confusion a native-speaker and especially a trained scientist like Rousseau would make. However this may only be because the writers of the show do not master the language.

It is worth noting that the voice heard on the distress signal is that of a French native speaker and is definitely not Mira Furlan's. However, since the characters who heard both the radio transmission and Rousseau (Sayid, Sawyer, Shannon and Hurley) didn't seem to be intrigued by this detail, it may be considered irrelevant. This could also reinforce the theory that the whole issue about Rousseau's French is only a goof on the part of the producers/writers. Also, the voice on the transmission was on the show long before Furlan actually appeared, so it was likely a production error. It is however fair to assume that her voice would have changed somewhat in the 16 years since the transmission was recorded.


Additional casting编辑

  • Melissa Farman plays the role of young Rousseau in "", "" and "". In the official press release for "", she was only credited as "young Frenchwoman" as to not reveal her identity.

Unanswered questions编辑

  1. 請不要在這裡解釋這些謎題
  2. 提出問題時請不要暗示答案
  • How did she survive the Purge?
  • Why did she claim to have never seen the Others when they abducted Alex?
  • Why did the Others continue to let her distress transmission play for 16 years?

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