飾演者: Evan Handler
首次出現: 第2季 第18集
最後出現: 第2季 第18集
出現集數: 1集
姓名: Dave
狀況: 不存在
家庭成員: 不明
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Dave was Hurley's friend. Hurley met Dave while he was a patient at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. It is unknown if Dave was imaginary, a hallucination created by Hurley, or a dead person that Hurley could speak to. Dave's presence at the institute, whether post-death or imaginary, proved to be something of a setback to Hurley in his stay at Santa Rosa.


At the Institute

In the episode "", Dave is Hurley's friend in the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. Hurley's doctor thinks Dave is a bad influence and doesn't want Hurley to change or lose weight.

Hurley's doctor, Dr. Brooks, takes a photo of Hurley with his arm around Dave. The doctor later shows the photo to Hurley. Dave is not in the picture and Hurley's arm is hanging over empty air.

Hurley refuses to escape the mental hospital with Dave and instead locks him out of the building. Hurley later reveals that this led to a breakthrough in his therapy which resulted in his eventual release.

On the Island

The character Dave was first seen on the Island by Hurley as the survivors scrambled to gather food from the supply drop. (2x18)

Dave lost a slipper when Hurley followed (chased) him away from the supply drop. Hurley found the slipper, but Libby later said she didn't recall seeing him carry it.

Dave appears to be able to physically interact with Hurley, by slapping him and hitting him with coconuts. This interaction occurs in the hospital and on the Island but since nobody else is present at the time this incident may just have happened in Hurley's head.

Dave tries to convince Hurley that the person he locked out of the hospital was real and that he imagined the breakthrough, the release from the hospital, winning the lottery and crashing on the Island. Dave tells Hurley that he is still in the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute and that everything is a hallucination. Dave says that even he is a figment of his imagination, but he did let out the real Dave at the hospital. He says that he is the part of Hurley that wants him to escape the dream. As proof, he points out that the Numbers he used to win the lottery and are used to reset the timer were learned from Leonard at the hospital. Then, as further proof, he points out that someone like Libby would never be romantically interested in him.

Dave tries to get Hurley to jump.

Dave leads Hurley to a cliff and tells him the only way he can escape the dream is by throwing himself off the cliff and challenging his mind to deny the hallucination. When he jumps Dave tells Hurley "see you in another life," a phrase Desmond said to Jack. Dave plunges off the cliff himself and Hurley nearly follows him before being talked out of it by Libby.


  • According to Lost Encyclopedia writer Tara Bennett, the Man in Black impersonated Dave on the island. Dave never existed, negating the Man in Black's usual need for a dead body. Instead, he simply read Hurley's mind. "Hurley was always going to see what he wanted to see anyway," said Bennett, "and the smoke monster could kind of take advantage of that."[1] The published encyclopedia, however, did not say Dave was the Man in Black.
  • David is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "beloved."
  • Dave was intended as a reflection of Hurley's issues with his missing father, David. They both have rascally, happy-go-lucky personalities. Imaginary Dave keeps encouraging Hurley to over-eat; David's last act before leaving his son is giving him a bar of chocolate.

Producers' commentary

  • In an interview with, the executive writers and producers discuss the source of the name "Dave":

Damon Lindelof: We like certain biblical names and David is one of them. David happened to be my father’s name, maybe that’s sort of subconsciously rattling around in there.

Carlton Cuse: The connection between the imaginary Dave and Dave his father was completely intentional, I mean we wanted basically Hurley to imagine a friend and have that be wrapped up in his unresolved relationship with his Dad, so that’s why his imaginary friend is named Dave.

Damon Lindelof: As to Libby’s ex, that’s an entirely different David we may or may not meet in the future.

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