Harper Stanhope
Harper Stanhope
飾演者: Andrea Roth
首次出現: 第4季 第6集
最後出現: 第4季 第6集
出現集數: 1集
姓名: Harper Stanhope
種類: 女性人類
出身地: 不明
狀況: 不明
出生日期: 不明
家庭成員: Goodwin - 丈夫

Harper Stanhope 是「其他人」的心理治療師,亦是Goodwin的妻子。 Harper was married to Goodwin, but their relationship deteriorated, prompting Goodwin to have an affair with Juliet Burke. Goodwin told Juliet that he had slept on the couch for the past year and that he and Harper were no longer intimate. Harper was antagonistic towards Juliet from their first meeting and became much more so after she discovered Juliet was sleeping with her husband, which she discovered one night when following them. She warned Juliet that Ben's obsession with her could prove lethal for Goodwin should Ben discover the affair. Harper's omen came to pass when Ben sent Goodwin undercover with the tail section survivors and left him there for three weeks at which time he was slain by Ana-Lucia Cortez. Template:Crossref

After Juliet left the Others, Harper found her in the jungle to deliver a message, allegedly from Ben, that Juliet should thwart Charlotte Lewis and Daniel Faraday's mission to the Tempest at all costs. According to Harper, the freighter team members were being sent to unleash a type of nerve gas that would kill every living person on the island. Harper claimed to be acting under Ben's orders even though Ben was being imprisoned by Locke at the time. She then disappeared after Jack and Juliet were distracted by whispers in the jungle. Template:Crossref

Harper has a "Certificate of Recognition" from The Hanso Foundation that can be seen in her office. Another certificate hanging on the wall comes comes from the "Experimental Social Psychology Society".


  • Her full name is an anagram for both "an Other perhaps" and, "or perhaps Ethan."
  • During casting she was described as Chandley Price. Mid 30s to early 40s. Female. Tough, no-nonsense and beautiful in an unadorned way. A therapist by profession and yet could benefit from some therapy herself. The qualities that make her a leader and effective at seeing into other people also cause her problems in her own life -- she can be overly controlling and obsessive. Her strength of personality is undeniable. Guest star / recurring
  • "Harper' might be related to the Greek mythological 'Harpy'. A Harpy is a disgusting, vicious monster, with a woman's face and body and the wings and claws of a bird. It acts as a minister of divine vengeance. The word is often used hyperbolically to refer to an stridet, demanding woman, especially a wife.
  • The name Stanhope is almost certainly a reference to Charles Stanhope, 3rd Earl Stanhope a british Statesman and scientist. He wrote a scathing reply to philosopher Edmund Burke's Reflections on the French Revolution. Edmund Burke is also the name of Juliet's husband.
  • The name of Harper Stanhope could be a reference to the book Empty Cradle by Karen Harper. In it, a woman wanting a baby heads to a fertility clinic in New Mexico run by a Dr. Stanhope, a feminist embryologist who is stealing the eggs of her patients and using them in experiments with drugs that can cause birth defects.
  • Her name can be a reference to Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird. The book was referenced in the Hydra station when Juliet was trying to convince Jack to sabotage Ben's spinal surgery using cue cards in a videotape.
  • The last name Stanhope could allude to Stanhope photographs-"miniature [pinhead sized] microphotographic lenses incorporated in many novelty collectables produced from the mid-19th century onwards." These tiny, detailed, and often-concealed images are reminiscent, in some ways, of Lost Easter Eggs.


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