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Jerome大洋航空815航班機身部份的生還者。他是Locke小隊中的一員,最後在第97天,於兵營裡被Charles Widmore派到小島上的人槍殺。





When Charlie rushed to the beach to inform the survivors that Jack was caught in a cave collapse, Michael asked Scott and Steve to help him, and Jerome tagged along with them. A few days later Jerome was also present for Hurley's "Island Open" golf tournament and Jack's climactic putt. (1x07) (1x09)

Jerome was also at Boone's funeral and then witnessed the return of Locke who claimed responsibility for the accident, and was attacked by Jack. (1x21)

Before the launching of the raft, Jerome wrote a letter and gave it to Charlie to put in the message bottle. Jerome then helped along with his fellow survivors in getting the raft on the water, when Danielle Rousseau arrived at the camp to deliver a dire threat about the coming of "The Others". (1x23)


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Jerome welcomed the return of Jin and the new additions of Bernard and Libby when they arrived to the fuselage survivors camp. Weeks later Jerome stood beside Sawyer handing out DHARMA food in the forest at the supply drop. (2x08) (2x18)

When Bernard set out to construct his SOS sign, Jerome was speaking with Richard and Craig when he was chosen by Bernard to help. He opted not to participate in the construction of the sign. He was also one of the many people on the beach when Desmond's boat was spotted.(2x19) (2x23)


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Jerome was talking to and exchanging items with Desmond the day Nikki came to Sawyer to ask him for a gun. He later attended Nikki and Paulo's funeral. He also ate some of Sawyer's boar roast. (3x14) (3x15).

When it was discovered that the Others were planning to raid the camp, Jerome joined his fellow survivors in preparing to leave for the radio tower. Later he is seen walking to the radio tower. (3x22)





Although it may be deduced (see below) that this character's name is "Jerome", this labeling of this specific background actor (Jim Mazzarella) is probably not a decision of the writers or casting department, and therefore any narrative of this individual's biography is primarily a fan-creation.

  • The name "Jerome" is mentioned in the S.O.S. transcript by Bernard on both the United States closed captioning, as well as on the DVD subtitles:

Bernard: Hey, Richard, Craig, Jerome, come here

  • In the scene Bernard calls out to Craig, Richard, and Jerome, the three background extras he's speaking to each respond individually to a different name. Background actors Chris Candella and Bryan Sato each respond to Craig and Richard, respectively, while the third man responds to "Jerome". This indicates that this particular extra may be deemed Jerome. This extra has slightly curly hair, glasses, and is wearing a yellow, button-up shirt.
  • In the first scene where Bernard describes his sign-making plan, the same extra is visible more clearly, and is also clearly visible in "" at the supply drop scene, and is visible as a middle section extra at least as far back as "".

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  • Lost-TV forum - Thread where background cast member Lynne Wood confirms that the actor playing this character is Jim "Jimbo" Mazzarella.

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