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JillThe Others的資料搜查員,亦在Simon的肉店裡當肉販,以掩飾自己的身份。Jill watched Locke's body for Ben while he was out collecting the rest of the Oceanic Six together to return to the Island.

Off the Island

Season 5

Jill knew about Ben's plan to bring the Oceanic Six back to the Island and confirmed that other elements of the plan were progressing as planned. She made a snide remark about Jack's addiction to pills, and Ben defended Jack, telling her to "cut the man some slack". Ben asked her if Gabriel and Jeffrey had "checked in yet," which Jill confirmed. (5x02)

Later, Ben sent Jack to the butcher shop to pick up Locke's body. She addressed him as "Dr. Shephard" and said that she knew who he was. She took him to the shop's cold storage room where the coffin was being kept, then left to get the van for Jack. (5x06)


  • In the casting call, Jill is described as: "Late 20s to late 30s; any ethnicity. A butcher who is one hard-as-nails cool chick. A tomboy, bit of a searcher, and highly competent beyond her station in life..."
  • According to a deleted scene from the Season 5 DVD, Jill is instrumental in pursuing and locating Desmond and Penelope for Ben.
  • Out of the main characters, she has only met Jack and Ben. She handled Locke's dead body.

Unanswered questions

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  • What is Jill and Ben's relationship?
  • What is the significance/need to keep Locke's body 'safe'?