飾演者: Alexandra Tabas
首次出現: 第5季 第4集
最後出現: 第5季 第5集
出現集數: 2集
姓名: Nadine
家庭成員: 不明
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Nadine was one of the members of the science expedition that arrived on the Island on a life raft in a storm in 1988.

On the Island

File:5x05 Dead Nadine.jpg

Nadine arrived on the Island with the rest of her science expedition team in November 1988. After their ship was destroyed in a storm, they arrived on shore in a life raft. (5x04)

While hiking through the jungle to a radio tower with Jin and the rest of the science expedition, Nadine suddenly went missing, leading to a frantic search of the jungle by her comrades. Her beaten and bloodied body was discovered after it dropped from the canopy above. The team had ventured into what Danielle would dub the Dark Territory, while Nadine had been a victim of the Monster. (5x05)


  • Along with Lacombe, Nadine is one of the two science expedition members whose names were not known until Season 5. The other four members of the team had all been named by the end of Season 1.
  • Although Nadine in both episodes' press releases, there was a promotional still released by ABC Medianet showing all six science team expedition members and Jin here, which credited the four known team members and Daniel Dae Kim, as well as one "Alexandra Tobas". Since the two remaining team members are a man and a woman, Tobas is presumed to be the actress depicting the woman.

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