Oceanic 6(大洋航空6人组)是大洋航空公司815航班的幸存者。他们在离开小岛后在美国和其他地方重新展开新的生活。他们的故事以闪前的形式叙述。几个角色还曾经出现在他们岛外的Flashforward中。他们在里面都被称为"Oceanic 6" .


The Oceanic 6(大洋航空6人组)






Hugo "Hurley"







出现在 第3季 第23集  第3季 第23集  第4季 第1集  第4季 第3集  第4季 第4集  第4季 第7集 
  • Jack'的Oceanic 6(大洋航空6人组)的身份在第3季 第23集 中和Kate谈话时被暗示过,并在第4季 第1集 中和Hurley的谈话中被确认。
  • Kate'的Oceanic 6(大洋航空6人组)的身份在第3季 第23集 中和Jack谈话时被暗示过, 并在第4季 第3集 的播客中被确认。
  • Hurley'的Oceanic 6(大洋航空6人组)的身份在是在第4季 第1集 中确定的,他被警察抓获的时候说自己是Oceanic 6中的一员。
  • Sayid 的Oceanic 6(大洋航空6人组)的身份在是在第4季 第3集 中确定的,解释他为什么会出现在一个豪华的高尔夫球场。
  • Aaron'的Oceanic 6(大洋航空6人组)的身份在第4季 第4集 中被暗示过,并在第4季 第8集 之后的预告片和播客中被确认。
  • Sun第4季 第7集 中她的flashforward中被送进医院生孩子时被一个护士认出,另外一个用韩语说她是Oceanic 6(大洋航空6人组)中的一员。

制片人早在2008年2月19日的Lost官方播客中确定了前四个人的身份, 全部6人的确定是在第4季 第8集 之后的预告片和3月21日的官方播客里确定。


Oceanic 6(大洋航空6人组)被描述成国际名人。Hurley在第4季 第1集 中被捕的时候曾宣称自己是大洋航空6人组,以获得警察的特殊照顾。而六人组也理所当然的成为媒体追逐的焦点。Sayid在第4季 第9集 中抓到Ben是因为Ben当时记者的打扮并偷拍Nadia葬礼的队伍。他们每个人都获得了可以无限次乘坐大洋航空公司金卡(3x22)。 Sayid也在第4季 第3集 中称从大洋航空公司的赔偿中获得了大量的钱。另外在第4季 第4集 中可以看出Kate的生活水平很高。在第4季 第12集 中Sun用赔偿的钱购买了父亲的公司。

大洋航空6人组之间的关系也比较紧张,在第4季 第4集 中Jack开始不愿去Kate的家,他不想见到Aaron。但在第4季 第10集 集中开始他们俩的关系开始好转。但后来他开始服用镇静剂,又因为和Sawyer的事和Kate吵了起来,两人的关系开始恶化。 在第4季 第7集 中当Sun和Jin的孩子Ji Yeon出生的时候只有Hurley来看望她。Sayid为Ben杀人,Ben说是为了他的朋友,但没有提这些朋友是谁。

Secrets and lies

For a time following their rescue, the members of the Oceanic Six kept the actual story of what happened following the crash a secret. In public, they adhered to a fabricated story about their time on the Island, using the excuse of being in "shock" as a safety for misquotes.

According to this story, Oceanic Flight 815 crashed into the Pacific Ocean, and only eight people survived the impact. Among those specifically said to have died in the crash are Ana Lucia,(4x01) Marshall Edward Mars,(4x04) Claire,(4x12) and Jin.(4x12) The survivors were in the water for over a day, afloat on cushions and debris, before washing up on the uninhabited island Membata. Jack was injured, and Kate dragged the survivors out of the water and onto a nearby deserted island. Kate administered first aid to some of the survivors and found food for them. Kate was said to be several months pregnant with Aaron at this time, which drew suspicion from one reporter.(4x12) At some point two of the original eight survivors died. After 103 days on Membata, a tropical storm washed up a raft with supplies and equipment necessary for their return to civilization. The group finally reach an inhabited island on day 108; photos of the six coming ashore were shown to the press to validate this rescue story.

Jack maintained this story under oath at Kate's trial,(4x04) and Hurley maintained it while under police questioning.(4x01) telling officer Mike Walton that he never met Ana Lucia. A grave marker for Jin in South Korea lists the date of the crash as his date of death. After Hurley was re-admitted to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, Jack visited him and questioned him to make sure his apparently deteriorated mental health status wouldn't diminish his adherence to the story. (4x01) Matthew Abaddon suspected the story to be false, and questioned Hurley about it. (4x01) After several years of maintaining the story, however, Jack told Kate that he was "sick of lying". (3x23)

Appearances in each others' flashforwards

  • Kate appeared in Jack's flashforward at the airport (3x23)
  • Jack appeared in Hurley's flashforward at Santa Rosa (4x01)
  • Charlie appeared to Hurley at Santa Rosa (4x01)
  • Ben appeared in Sayids flashforward at the animal clinic (4x03)
  • Jack appeared at Kate's trial (4x04)
  • Aaron apperared in Kate's flashforward, as he is in her care. (4x04)
  • Hurley appeared in Sun's flashforward to meet Ji-Yeon (4x07)
  • Sayid appeared in Ben's flashforward at Nadia's funeral (4x09)
  • Kate appeared in Jack's flashforward, when they get engaged (4x10)
  • Aaron appeared in Jack's flashforward as he lived with him and Kate. (4x10)
  • Hurley appeared in Jack's flashforward when he stopped taking his meds (4x10)
  • All six appeared in flashforwards in 第4季 第12集 

Unanswered questions

  1. 請不要在這裡解釋這些謎題
  2. 提出問題時請不要暗示答案
  • Why are the Oceanic Six adhering to a fabricated story?
  • Who are the other two/three people who (according to the official story) survived the crash but died on the Island?