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Rose Nadler

Rose Nadler
Bronx, NY, USA
Bernard Nadler - Husband
Possible Deceased Daughter

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Rose Nadler (née Henderson) is one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. She was on the plane with her husband Bernard, but was separated for 48 days following the crash. Rose is a well-meaning, caring woman who was supposedly healed from her fatal illness after arriving on the Island, similar to Locke.

Before the Island

Born Rose Henderson on November 20th in the Bronx, New York City. Little is known about Rose's early life before the crash, but it is understood from a deleted Season 2 scene that she had a daughter who passed away (though it is questionable whether, as the scene was removed, if the information is still "true"). We also know that at some point in her past, Rose developed a terminal form of cancer. It is possibly due to this realization that there is little time left in her life, that she took the leap to ask Bernard if he wanted to go for a cup of coffee when she first met him. After knowing each other for only 5 months, Bernard proposed to her in a restaurant.
File:2X19 RoseAirport.jpg
Rose then told him about the cancer, but Bernard insisted it didn't matter to him, and Rose accepted the proposal.

However, while Rose had made her peace with what was going to happen to her, Bernard had not. While honeymooning in Australia, he took her to see Isaac of Uluru, a faith healer. After attempting to heal her, Isaac admitted he couldn't, as the location they were in wasn't "the right place". Telling her that she can still be healed, he offered to refund Bernard's donation. However, Rose told him to keep it, revealing that she was going to lie and say she had been healed in order for Bernard to enjoy the little time he had left with her, without constantly trying to save her.

At Sydney Airport, Rose saw John in his wheelchair, as well as chatted to Jack on the plane, as both sat on row 23 (Rose in Seat D and Jack in Seat E). She held Bernard's ring in her possession, as his fingers always swelled when flying. As Jack reassured her about the turbulence while Bernard was in the bathroom, Oceanic Flight 815 began to be ripped apart. (1x01) (2x19)

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-22)

After the crash, Jack found Boone standing over Rose. Her heart had stopped beating, and Jack took over administering CPR, as Boone was doing it incorrectly and tell's him to find a pen. He managed to revive her, and Rose became one of the Losties. After the crash Rose sat on the beach staring out into the sea holding her ring. On her first night on the Island, like many of the survivors, Rose heard the sound of the "Monster" in the jungle. She notably mentioned that it sounded "awfully familiar". (1x01)

She was also present during Jack's speech after the Cockpit trek about the transceiver. She asked Jack to look at "the man with the shrapnel". (1x02)

File:1X12 CHarlieRose.jpg

During her first few days on the Island, Rose remained quiet, most likely due to shock. When Jack tried to console her loss, however, Rose told him that she believed Bernard was alive and well, despite the odds. (1x04)

While the camp moves beach, Rose sees Charlie upset and says hello to him. However, he doesn't reply. Rose tells him that there's no need to be rude and everyone else is helping to move the camp up the beach, and he isn't helping. Charlie asks why Rose was smiling, and tells Rose all the bad things. Rose tells Charlie "Nobody blames you" and comforts Charlie over Claire's kidnapping. Rose then becomes a maternal figure amongst the survivors, helping Charlie come to terms with Claire's kidnapping, telling him that her husband was still alive and "There’s a fine line between denial and faith. It's much better on my side." Charlie begins to cry and Rose comforts him, and begins to say a prayer. (1x12)

Season 2 (Days 46-63)


After the Swan station was investigated, Hurley chooses to reveal it to Rose above all other survivors. When Hurley sees Rose doing the laundry he tells her there is a washing machine and dryer inside. During a conversation with Hurley in the Hatch, Rose once again makes her feelings clear that she is sure her husband is alive and well. Rose recognizes Hurley's feelings about the food parlor, and talks him out of using dynamite to blow it up. During the inventory of the food, she keeps an Apollo Candy Bar for her husband, commenting that he has "a mouth full of sweet teeth". (2x04)

File:2x08 bernard rose.JPG

She is later seen briefly with Hurley, hanging up washing, when Shannon asks after Walt and Michael's luggage, commenting how terrible it must be to "lose the one person you love on the island". (2x06)

The next day, while Jack is getting water, Rose approaches him and tells him that she's pleased he's not in the hatch, when suddenly a golf ball falls into the water. Eventually, Bernard, Jin and Libby make it to the camp, with Rose and Bernard reunited after 50 days apart. They later attend Shannon's funeral and pour a handful of sand into her grave with the other losties. (2x08) (2x09)

File:2X16 RoseBernard.jpg

Later on in the season, a bickering Rose and Bernard, who are arguing about forgetting Rose's birthday, are concerned to stumble upon a sick Sun, who is later revealed to be suffering from morning sickness. Bernard and Rose ask if she's ok; however, Sun tells them she is just light-headed. (2x16)

Following the DHARMA food drop, Rose seemed to take control and organized the food. Bernard even commented that she was acting like she had "just got back from the store". After this Bernard comes up with an idea of making an S.O.S. sign and gets the group together for a meeting on building it. In the meeting, Bernard tells them that they have given up in getting rescued. Rose interrupts Bernard and tells him he should ask Jack. Bernard begins to get angry, and tells her Jack's only a doctor. Rose tells Bernard he's only a dentist and embarrasses him in front of the group. (2x19)

File:2x19 hurley bernard rose.JPG

Despite Bernard's attempts to build an SOS sign, Rose shows little interest in being rescued. Later Bernard approaches Rose at the water trough, and tells her about people not helping and why she isn't supporting him. Bernard and Rose begin to argue and Bernard tells her "If I didn't always have to do something you wouldn't be here." Rose then walks away, and Bernard seems to realize that he was out of line. Later Rose approaches John, and they begin to discuss Bernard’s S.O.S. sign. At the time, Locke's leg is injured, and Rose tells him that they both know John’s injury will heal faster than normal. Rose later approaches Bernard, who is building the sign by himself. Rose apologizes to Bernard, and tells him Isaac didn't heal her. She revealed that this was due to the Island's healing properties in which she believed after seeing a similar miraculous healing happen to John's paralysis after the crash. Rose guesses that if she left the Island, the cancer might return. Bernard tells her that they’ll never leave, then the two embrace lovingly. (2x19)

Season 3 (Days 92-93)

File:3x22 Roserradiotowersite.jpg

Following the implosion of the Swan station and the capture of Jack, Kate and Sawyer, Bernard and Rose spend most of their time relaxing and enjoying themselves rather than going off on adventures.

After Rousseau retrieves dynamite from the Black Rock, Rose (with a different hairstyle) and Bernard search through the plane wreckage to find wire in order to detonate the dynamite. The pieces of wire must be strongly knotted together into longer lengths which Bernard seems to have trouble doing well. Rose, who is much more successful at the task, shows Bernard how to knot them correctly. She later is concerned for Bernard as he plans to be a shooter of the explosives during the Beach Raid, but doesn't stop him doing so. (3x21)

Before leaving with the others for the radio tower, Rose reminds Bernard that he is "not Rambo" and to be careful. At night, after leaving the beach, Rose and the other survivors witness the explosions, but Rose grows deeply concerned when only two occur, and also grows angry at Jack saying "If you say live together, die alone to me, Jack, I'm gonna punch you in your face." Before reaching the radio tower, Rose and Sun are delighted to hear that their husbands are alive and well. She reaches the tower with everyone else and is overjoyed when Jack finally makes communication with Naomi's ship. (3x22)

Season 4 (Day 93)

Rose celebrates with the other survivors, while waiting for rescue. She even jokingly tells Claire to have sex with Charlie in return for his heroic deeds. After journeying to the cockpit, she reunites with Bernard. When Locke showed up to recruit people for his side, Bernard offered to go with Rose, because they had vowed never to leave the island. However, Rose's contempt for Locke made her stay with Jack, along with Bernard. (4x01)


  • Rose was the eighteenth character to ever have a flashback.
  • Rose's episode count so far is 13.
  • Rose along with Bernard and Desmond (Season 2) are the only recurring characters that have received flashback episodes other than the characters comprising the official main cast, with her and Bernard being the first.
  • During the DVD audio commentary on "", the producers talk about the moment in the pilot where Rose says the "Monster" sounds familiar. They reveal that while searching for monster sounds for "", they came across the sound of a New York City taxi fare printer, and decided to use the sound for the "Monster." This sound would obviously be familiar to Rose, as a habitant of the Bronx.
  • The flight manifest from the German website states Rose's full name as "Rose Bernstein". However, that manifest is an expanded and partially corrected version of the manifest from the Lost: The Untold website, and since both versions of the manifest contain numerous details that contradict information stated on the show itself, they're to be considered non-canonical.
  • In the 05/21/07 podcast, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse joked that Rose & Bernard would later have their own romance-themed spinoff show entitled "Rose & Bernard's Love Island", with Charlie as a pool boy.

Unanswered questions

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  • Who is her daughter?
    • How did she die?
    • Who is the father?
  • Is she special -- or as Ben puts it, "important", like Locke, because she is healed too?
    • If so, was she on Jacob's list?
  • How did Rose know that the tail section people were alive?
  • If Rose leaves the island, will her cancer return?