Sheila Kelley
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Sheila Kelley
飾演角色 Zoe
出生日期 1961年10月9日
年齡 49歲
出生地 美國 賓夕凡尼亞州
家庭成員 丈夫

Sheila Kelley是飾演Zoe的女演員,她總共出現了5集。Sheila Kelley (born 1961) is an actress and classically trained dancer and has been a pole-dancing teacher. She has been seen in roles on ER, LA Law, The Sopranos, The Division, MDs, Family Law, Sisters etc.

Her most recent feature film appearences were in Mozart and the Whale (2005) and Matchstick Men (2003). She appears in Provinces of Night with Val Kilmer, directed by Shane Dax Taylor, (2010).

She owns a pole-dancing company and has marketed her dance aerobics videos and claiming to have trained a number of Hollywood personalities.

She is married to West Wing co-star Richard Schiff since 1996. They have two children.

Sheila Kelley attracted attention during her time on Lost due to a interview in which she made grandiose claims about all of the show's themes being embodied in Zoe and saying that she was on "every page" of the final script. [1] She later recanted these claims, saying that this was all part of a non-canon backstory she created. [2]