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Tom Friendly
飾演者 M.C. Gainey
首次出現 第1季 第25集
最後出現 第4季 第8集
總出現集數 電視劇20集
姓名 Tom Friendly
出身地 不明
出生日期 不明
死亡日期 2004年12月21日
死亡原因 Sawyer向胸部開了一槍
職業 「其他人」的成員
家庭成員 Arturo - 情人
This is an article about the Other named "Tom". For other uses of "Tom" or "Thomas" see Tom (disambiguation).
For the bearded man in Eggtown see Bearded Man (Eggtown)

Tom, who was once known as "Mr. Friendly", was one of the Others who seemed to be loyal to Ben. Throughout seasons one and two he acted as an unofficial spokesperson for the Others and was viewed by the castaways as something of a menaching figure and perhaps the Others leader. He wore a fake beard during his early encounters with the survivors for an unknown reason. According to Ben, Tom is "no one" compared to the real leader (2x18). While not technically in charge of the Others, Tom did have some authority as shown in his conversation with Ethan (2x15), in his dealings with Alex and Pickett (2x11)  (2x22), and with the party that captured Hurley, Jack, Kate and Sawyer (2x23). Sawyer killed him as revenge for kidnapping Walt. (3x22)

On the Island

Seasons 1 & 2

Back at the time when Claire was being held in the Staff station, a shaved and clean Tom wearing regular clothing instead of the dirty, haggard look in which he has shown himself to the crash survivors scolded Ethan for not making a list before bringing Claire.

File:1X24 TomBoat.jpg
After hearing Ethan's explanation, he replied, "You know what he's' going to do when he finds out." He was not wearing the fake beard at this time. (2x15)

Tom first appeared to the survivors on the raft, on a boat alongside three Others: a pair of men, and an older woman. After a brief conversation with the survivors on the raft, Tom declared they were going to take the boy. After Michael furiously refused and Sawyer grabbed his gun, the boat's lights were shut off, and the Others attacked. They shot Sawyer in the shoulder, who fell to the water, and Jin jumped after him; they punched Michael and threw him from the raft; grabbed Walt, jumped back to their boat, and blew up the raft. Tom disappeared with his partners, as Michael watched and shouted his son's name. (1x24)

A month later, it is understood that Tom went to the Pearl station for some reason, as Juliet comments on Day 49 in the station "Tom was in here a couple of days ago". Only a few days, Tom, with the help of some of the Others, overtook Michael, captured him with a sling or bolas, and took him hostage after he set off North to find Walt. Somehow, Tom knew that three of Michael's friends went after him. At a small campfire, where Alex waited for them, Tom took off Michael's bag from his head, prompting him to spit in his face. After Pickett captured a fellow survivor of Michael a kilometer behind Jack, Tom warned Michael that if he will make one sound, he will never see his son again. (2x22)  (3x14)

When Jack, Sawyer and Locke finally caught up with Tom, he came out from the shadows, and warned them not to cross "the Line", meaning that they were not to explore the northern part of the Island. He said that doing so would change the situation from a "misunderstanding" to "something else". (2x11)  (2x22)


During this encounter, Tom revealed to the three survivors that Walt and the others he took, including Emma and Zack, are still alive. Also, he referred to Walt as "special". He also quoted Alvar Hanso, saying: "You know, somebody a whole lot smarter than anybody here once said 'Since the dawn of our species, man's been blessed with curiosity", and asked Jack if he knows the other one about curiosity, referring to the statement that curiosity killed the cat. (2x11)

When Jack accused Tom of not having any real strength, instead having to rely on spies like Ethan Rom to infiltrate the survivors' camp and thus learning their names, Tom replied that this is an interesting theory. He suddenly yelled "Light 'em up", after which numerous torches were lit, implying that Jack's party were surrounded. Tom called Alex to bring "her" out, which was revealed to be Kate, but Pickett brought her instead. Tom held Kate hostage with what appears to be a WWI or WWII-era German Luger Parabellum P08 or Walther P38 pistol, and made Jack, Sawyer, and Locke surrender their guns. (2x11)

File:2X24 TomBeard.jpg

After this encounter in the jungle, Tom brought Michael to the Others' camp, where he left him to Ms. Klugh who took care of him for the rest 10 days. (2x11) (2x22)

13 days later, Tom led the group of Others after they successfully captured Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley, with the help of Michael. During this second encounter, Kate revealed to Tom that they know his beard is fake. As Tom did not understand her because her mouth was gagged with a piece of cloth, Ms. Klugh repeated Kate's revelation, saying "she says she knows your beard's fake, Tom." Tom then removed his beard, commenting how much it itches, and sarcastically thanks Klugh for revealing his name, referring to her as Bea, presumably her first name. After Ben arrived with the Others' boat, he asked Tom where is his beard, to which Tom answered that the survivors know it is fake. After the prisoners exchange of Walt for the people who were on Klugh's list, Tom helped take the prisoners away to the Hydra Island. (2x23)

Season 3

File:3X01 KateTomIvan.jpg

The next day, Tom was in charge of taking care of Kate before her breakfast with Ben. He woke her up in the locker room, which also included showers. When Kate told him that she was not taking a shower in front of him, he said "you're not my type". After the shower, Tom gave Kate a dress, instead of her regular clothes which the Others burned. He led her to a beach where Ben was waiting for her.
At the cages area, where Sawyer was being held, another prisoner named Karl escaped from his cage and freed Sawyer. Karl was captured by several Others, including Tom, who made him apologize to Sawyer for using him for his own escape. He was then taken away to an unknown fate.
After her breakfast, he led her to the cage that used to be Karl's. During this scene, a ring is visible on Tom's hand, located specifically on his left finger, although Tom's marital status has not yet been verified. Sawyer showed him the fish biscuit he got after figuring out their "complicated gizmos". Tom noted that it only took the polar bears two hours. (3x01)

Following the prisoner's first day on the Hydra Island, Tom and Danny took Kate and Sawyer to a rock clearing quarry. While they were going to the labor area, an Other named Colleen approached them, kissed Danny and enlisted Tom for her strike team which was sent by Ben to capture the survivors' sailboat. They reached the boat without being seen by Sayid or Jin, who were guarding the boat, possibly using the "Galaga". On the boat, Sun shot Colleen in the stomach, and tried to escape. Tom and Ivan opened fire, and Sun escaped. (3x02)

File:3X06 TomWalkie.jpg

When the strike team returned with an injured Colleen to the Hydra island, they all hurried to the operating room, where Juliet tried to save her life. Tom on the other hand went with Ben, Matthew and Jason to the underwater section of the Hydra station, where they tortured Sawyer. After Sawyer was released, Tom went back to the operation room, where Jack helped Juliet with Colleen's surgery, which eventually failed. (3x04)

During Ben's operation, which was supervised by Tom, Jack purposely made a small incision in Ben's kidney, giving him an estimated one hour to live, and demanded from Tom his walkie-talkie so he could speak to Kate. Tom succumbed to Jack's blackmail when he was holding Ben's life hostage. This action, plus his role in rescuing Ben and capturing Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, indicate he's loyal to Ben. He contacted Danny, who was just about to pull the trigger and kill Sawyer received his call, and was told to give the walkie-talkie to Kate, or Jack will kill Ben. (3x06)

File:3X07 TomJackSergury.jpg

Right after Kate and Sawyer's escape, Juliet orders Ivan to find Pickett and go after Jack's friends. Jack them revealed Juliet's plan on killing Ben during the surgery. Juliet denied this, and told Tom that Jack is lying. After Juliet left, Tom asked Jack if this is the truth, and Jack confirms him that it is. After Ben suddenly woke up and demanded to talk to Juliet, Tom and Jack were watching them from the waiting room. He introduces himself as Tom, to which Jack does not answer. When Juliet started to cry during her talk with Ben, Tom commented that they have a history together. (3x07)

As Juliet left to help Kate and Sawyer escape, Jack enlisted Tom's help with finishing the surgery. Tom seemed to have problems with blood, and made the mistake of revealing this to Jack, who subsequently showed him the bloody tumor he removed from Ben's spine. Tom also listened to Kate's confirmation story, the same story Jack told her 73 days ago. While listening to this story, Jack completed the surgery. (3x07)

Tom has twice referenced to the moment "when the sky went purple". The first time was in regard to communications (3x04), the second time was when Jack asked why they didn't take Ben to a proper facility for his spinal surgery. Tom began his explanation, but he was cut off before he could fully explain it. (3x07)

File:3x09 tom.jpg

After the surgery was done, Jack was transferred out of his cell to a cage. He had an intense conversation with Jack, who believed that the Others will kill him, since they do not need him anymore. Tom asked for an explanation, and Jack replied that people who abduct a pregnant girl and hang a guy from a tree are not good people. Once Jack was transferred into Sawyer's cage, Tom gave him food, and discovered that Jack knows about the video surveillance. When Jack asked him about the woman who arrested Juliet, Tom replied that she is the sheriff. (3x09)

After Jack and Alex stopped Juliet's trial, Tom grabbed Jack by his shirt, demanding to know why he was there. Isabel calmed him down, and read a note from Ben, who ordered to stop the surgery, and to mark Juliet for her betrayal.
Later that day, the Others left the Hydra Island, believing that Kate and Sawyer would tell the other survivors about the Hydra and would lead them to the second island. Tom left as well, on the Others' yacht. (3x09)

After 6 days, Tom was seen by Sayid, Locke, Kate and Danielle playing football with Jack at the Barracks. (3x12)

That same night he informs Ben that Kate and Sayid have been captured and are being held at his place. Ben orders Tom for them to be separated. Later, he takes Jack to where Kate is being held and tells him that the place is bugged. Following Jack and Juliet's "farewell" to Ben, Tom escorts them to the dock at where he witnesses the destruction of the submarine. (3x13)

Tom is present when the bound and gagged Anthony Cooper is revealed to Locke and promptly shuts the door to the room before too many questions are asked. Six days later, Tom is once again present at the Others new camp. He packs up and leaves with them after Locke's failure to kill his dad. (3x13) (3x19)

File:Mr Friendly dies.jpg

Locke startles Tom and the rest of the Others when he turns up at their new campsite with his dad's body on his back, asking Ben to take him to the myserious Jacob. Mikhail is punched repeatedly after disagreeing with Locke's decision and Tom watches negligently. Along with the other Other's, Tom gazes in disbelief at Ben and Locke who set out on a trek to talk to Jacob. (3x20)

Tom participated in the raid on the beach camp, survived the explosions which killed seven Others, and helped capture Sayid, Jin and Bernard. Although Ben ordered him over his walkie to kill all three captives, Tom fired his gun into the sand instead, making it sound like he'd killed them. When Pryce questioned this decision, Tom stated that he'd been following Ben's orders, but that they should have killed them (if it were up to him). After Hurley intervened and the other two members of the strike team were killed, Tom surrendered. Sawyer, however, shot and killed Tom anyway, claiming revenge for Tom kidnapping Walt at the end of Season 1. When questioned by Hurley, Sawyer said he didn't believe that Tom would truly surrender. (3x22)

Season 4

File:Tom buried.png

Juliet buried Tom's corpse with the other camp raiders next to the jungle. (4x01)


  • The nickname "Mr. Friendly" was never used in an actual episode. It was originally a name used by the show's producers to refer to the character in their scripts, but was revealed to the public by TV Guide which has a tendency to name characters even when they aren't referred to by name in the actual episode. This would later cause the producers to name Kelvin Inman "Joe Inman" in the script for "", because otherwise fans would have instantly tied him to the previously unseen "Kelvin" mentioned by Desmond in "". (Official Lost Podcast transcript/May 26, 2006)
  • Mr. Friendly (or someone looking a lot like him) appeared in the audience of Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 12, 2006. J.J. Abrams was guest-directing the show. When Kimmel commented on Mr. Friendly’s appearance, Mr. Friendly responded with a sentence that was obviously pre-recorded and played backwards. (Lost-Media)
  • Many fans thought that he was the silver-haired man on the stretcher in the hospital in "", which Jack was treating when he was trying to eavesdrop on Christian Shephard. This resemblance was refuted (Official Lost Podcast transcript/October 09, 2006) when Damon Lindelof said that there is no connection.
  • Tom does not like the sight of blood.
  • Tom noted that it only took the polar bears two hours to figure out the the foodslots. Presumably, this is something he would only have known if he was part of the DHARMA Initiative doing the studies,. (3x01)
  • Tom is the only known Other to have had appearances in the first three seasons of the show following a linear timeline. The only other known Other to have had appearances across all three seasons is Ethan, although his appearances over the course of the latter two seasons have only been in a flashback capacity following his death in the first season.
  • "Tom" is also the alias given to Christian by Ana Lucia in "". He calls her "Sarah". (This is probably due to the fact that Tom is a common name, and is unlikely that there is a connection between Tom and Ana Lucia.)
  • In the Wizard of Oz, one of the farmer's names is Zeke. Sawyer calls Tom, Zeke, in a previous episode.
  • The "Zeke" reference may also refer to Nickelodeon's 1991-1992 TV series Salute Your Shorts, in which one of the characters tells the story of Zeke the Plumber, a zombie whose nose has been bitten off by a parrot.
  • Mr. Friendly was used in closed captions.

Unanswered questions

  1. 請不要在這裡解釋這些謎題
  2. 提出問題時請不要暗示答案
  • Where exactly was he placed in the Others' hierarchy?
  • Before the Purge, was Tom a member of the Hostiles, the DHARMA Initiative, or yet to be recruited?


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